Eight Minutes With Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

G4's look at this new section of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories shows just how disorienting and unnerving the Wii game can be.

In Shattered Memory you'll be running around in the dark, your only light source a flashlight you aim with the remote. The mechanic does a great job of immersing you in the gameplay.


    Any doubts about this game because its on the wii are now gone

    This looks good in some ways and bad in others.
    I like the presentation and the idea of needing to look around everywhere. But I don't like the way the puzzles are done (moving everything around with the Wiimote) and the flickering flashlight, which just screams shock horror over atmosphere.
    That and the graphics are rubbish.

    Rubbish Graphics?

    Looks perfect to me IMHO. This is Silent Hill we're talking about. The gritty look comes with the game.

    Also the whole fiddling w/ Items isn't exactly new.. older SH games had puzzles like that anyway.. except your using the pad to arrange stuff instead of WiiMote =P

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