Epic: Unreal The "Unofficial Engine" Of Project Natal

Epic Games, makers of things Unreal and Gears of War, are fully on board with this Project Natal thing that Microsoft has cooked up. VP Mark Rein calls the company's popular Unreal tech "the unofficial engine of Natal."

In an interview with OXM UK, Rein says he also considers Unreal the "economic engine of Natal," the platform upon which developers should go to if they "want to get a big headstart and use the same tech as Microsoft." Sounds official enough to us.

Rein also says that, going forward, don't be surprised if you see Natal's motion and voice detection control schemes in future Epic Games titles.

"I have no idea what we're going to do from a game standpoint, but from an engine standpoint, it's definitely cool stuff, and we will support it," he says. "I think any future Xbox games we make will have some Natal support."

Mark Rein Interview [OXM UK via GameSpot]


    Now Natal user can also experience the graphical sameness, texture popping and poor post mortem physics that every other gamer of this generation has enjoyed :P

      Hah, just thought the same thing. Can't wait for a game to recognise me twiddling my thumbs while waiting for an Unreal-powered game to load the world right in front of my eyes...

    Isnt this the same person who called motion controls gimicky? Now supporting them? How the world has changed in a few years..

    The engine may look good but everything created on it looks exactly the same.. hope developers create there own tools and engines tbh.

      Its true.. when ever i boot up a new demo and i see the "Powered by Unreal" i let out a big groan because i just know how its going to look before i play it.

      To be honest, i look more to companies that build their own engines.. i mean, look at what Naughty Dog can achieve! Would the Uncharted series look as good running on Unreal? NO WAY!

      That said Batman looked good.. but still had that look about it though...

    Eh - Epic just want cheap publicity to make people use their engine. Not buying it.

    Their current one is way out-dated and they really need to get cracking on the next Unreal to release sooner than later. I mean Gear 2 *just* passed in my books.

    meh i just can wait for all this motion controll gimmick stuff to pass motion controll will alway fail unless it is true 1 to 1 wireless (as in no camera so it will still function without it being in direct line of sight also force feed back wouldent hurt

    So excuse my ignorance and all, but is this developer purely a microsoft one? Or are they chosing to be one? I really don't understand why a developer would do that, especially one as popular as Epic Games.

      Epic make games and license their engine for all platforms.

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