Episodes From Liberty City: There's Always A Girl

Rockstar wins this year's Best Use of Roxette's "The Look" award for the latest Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City trailer, "There's always a girl".

The Rockstar team really shows off its cinematic flair in this latest trailer combining both the Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto IV, much like the retail release of Episodes from Liberty City does. The key here is having the proper pause in the action during the pause before the final na-na-na-na-nas start, and they definitely nailed it. Nice work!


    I wish you guys would link to HD video sites for trailers rather than just embedding it at a much lower quality. Like everything from Rockstar, this is worth watching in HD: http://www.gametrailers.com/video/theres-always-gta-episodes/57347

    gaaaaaay tony, what a spiffy name

    Am I the only PS3 owner spewing about not getting this content?

    Is there any chance we'll get this later on?

    i agree about Roxette... i was singing out loud!

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