Even Kojima Productions Staffers Want To Make A New Z.O.E.

Game designer Hideo Kojima just can't stop going on about his mecha series Zone of the Enders. He's been writing about a possible Z.O.E. 3 and by doing so, has gotten his staff into a tizzy!

"The reverberation has been bigger than imagined," the game designer writes. How big? Apparently KP staffers who worked on Z.O.E. have been stopping him on the elevator, in the office, in restaurants and in Tokyo Midtown, saying "Is it true?", "When do we start making Z.O.E.?" and "Please let me join the team!" One guy even has a Anubis (Z.O.E.) print out tacked up on his cubicle!

"No, no, a little longer," Kojima writes. "I want you to wait."

アヌビスのその後|コナミ小島プロダクション公式ウェブログ [コジブロ]


    i need to get it printed out on a shirt
    "Kojima dosent need to make MGS anymore... But he can if he wants to"

    He wants us to wait because is company just wants him to make metal gear. While i love that series to bits, come on let Hideo Kojima spread his creative wings, i want to see something new.

    man, i really need to play this game - it always gets nothing but possitive press...

    Kojima doesn’t have to make any more Metal Gear games.

    I loove MG, I love ZoE.. I can't choose!
    Make both, Kojima, make 'em both good!

    I'd personally prefer a Snatcher remake or a completely fresh new IP. Good to hear either way.

    Kojima doesn’t have to make any more Metal Gear games.

    Kojima-san doesn't need to make Metal Gear any more.

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