Explore The Uncanny Valley With The Real-Life Ladies Of Dragon Age

Did you know that BioWare has based at least two of the characters in Dragon Age: Origins on real-life attractive women? It's true! It's a brilliant move, sure to land them a feature in Maxim! As of yesterday!

According to Maxim, the two "real life hotties" Alleykatze Alex Stein and Victoria Johnson have "lent their sexy curves to their video game counterparts" in Dragon Age: Origins, giving you something to think about during loading screens or just before bedtime or really whenever you feel like it. And Maxim has exclusive shots of all this real life hottieness.

It's a tactic previously employed by the folks at BioWare, who tapped...err...employed the likeness of pretty person Jillian Murray for Mass Effect's Liara T'soni.

Exclusive: The Girls of 'Dragon Age: Origins' Photos [Maxim via Dtoid]


    Err, well I'm going to have to scrap at least one of the characters I made in the character creator going by that image, because somehow I don't think that her having an identical twin will fit into the storyline...
    (one of the disadvantages of using your own character creator to create NPC's I suppose)

    Yeah, if by 'lent their curves' you mean they used the game's standard female model and created a head that kinda looked like the rl counterpart and stuck it on.

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