Fallout 3 Getting Community Commentary

Like all Morrowind and Oblivion before it, Fallout 3 has a thriving mod community. While most mods add new quests, weapons and textures, or tweak the gameplay, one mod project is looking to add audio commentaries to the game.

The Wasteland Commentaries aims "to create an audio commentary track for Fallout 3 that is accessible in-game via audio holotapes." Think of it as like the tapes in BioShock or Batman: Arkham Asylum except, instead of the developers fleshing out the fiction, the Fallout 3 community will "provide anecdotes, commentary, analysis or even humour relating to their experience with Fallout 3."

The project is helmed by Gerard Delaney of the Binary Swan blog, part of the "brainysphere" of critical games bloggers. So you can expect the final results to be full of smart ruminations on the moral choices and metaphors found in the Capital Wasteland.

Developer commentaries, as found in games such as Riddick or Portal, add much to our appreciation of game design. But are you interested in hearing the thoughts of other gamers as you play?

The Wasteland Commentaries [Binary Swan]


    Can anyone here say they've played through a game with audio commentaries? I haven't... I mean I don't want to listen to the people who made the game, why would I want to listen to... complete strangers who played it? "uh yes, and were approaching now the first place where I died due to my mum walking in front of the TV..."

      The Team Fortress 2 commentaries were really interesting from a design perspective. Come to think of it all the Valve commentaries are interesting.

      They're not something I'd go back to unless I was looking for a specific example though but they're great for those that want a 'peek behind the curtain'.

        I agree... I loved the Portal commentary and after playing the whole game through its interesting to take your time through the game and listen to how they came to develop the map and why they placed what they placed where they placed it

      I really enjoyed all of Valve's commentary tracks, both as a game design student, but also just as an interested player. Thing is though, Valve's commentaries are good because they're by Valve... not some randoms who weren't involved in designing the game.

    I would be interested in such a commentary but as a background audio track rather than an in-game pickup, I'm not going to scour the wasteland all over again just to hear someones possibly interesting comments on the game.

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