Fils-Aime On PSPgo: "What's The Benefit?"

In an interview for Sunday's edition of The Washington Post (posted today), the Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime says the PSPgo might have "a fundamental concept problem in terms of 'Who's it for?' and 'What's the benefit?'"

"I have the utmost respect for all our competitors," he told the Post, "but it's interesting to try and answer the consumer question of 'What's in it for me?' in that product."

Other tasty morsels: If it knew then what it knows now, about the ravenous demand for the machine, Nintendo still wouldn't have priced its Wii above $US250 like its console competitors. He said the lower price point was integral to the console's acceptance in the mainstream.

Fils-Aime also added that Nintendo has no interest of getting into the phone business; on the other hand, it feels well-positioned to deal with any threat from Apple's mobile gaming devices because of the "fabulous experience that can only be brought to life on the DS."

A Level Closer to the Mainstream [The Washington Post via Go Nintendo]


    Thats strange because I was thinking the same question Fils-Aime - "What is the benefit of the DSi and Wii?"

    Answer those for me.

      I don't think you're allowed to ask that when both those products sold (and sell) as well as they did (do).
      Of course, if the PSP Go sells well, you're welcome to request much of the media (and retail) to eat their words.

      One reason, and one reason only.


    Well your stupid right there cause the PSP sells quite well. Everyone just compares its sales to the DS when they shouldn't. Each offer unique and diverse games (DS more children orientated) and the PSP (more hardcore) IMO. Not only that the price difference and exclusives.

    The PSP-3000 is still being sold. The DSLite too but eventually it won't be, i mean sales are decreasing week after week.

    BUT i agree with DansDans cause the DSi is everything the PSPgo is. Useless & just a way to get more money and more people to buy the product. Although, the PSPgo just introduce digital gaming which i personally believe is a good thing. The DSi is just really, a waste. BUT Nintendo are making money off it and people for some reason are falling for it.

    But DansDans - you cannot really question the benefit of the Wii. I don't like the Wii personally, there are some exclusives i would like but don't wanna buy a Wii to play them. But it's a console where as the DSi is a new SKU of a console. It's different if they brought out a Wii2.0 that offers more HDD and something else, jack up the price and fool people into buying it - but the Wii is just like the Xbox or PS3. However, it lacks a lot of great games and a brain really.

    One may say, well what about the PS3 Slim - yes thats kinda like saying "Hypocrite cause a Wii2.0 would be like that" but the PS3 Slim was introduced to LOWER the price and get Sony outta the crapper. Not fool consumers into buying a product thats exactly the same minus some crappy features with a jacked UP price.


      Cosmetically yes it seems like DSi is "the same" approach as PSPGo... added multimedia and ability to get downloaded content. And both are "version 2" SKU's

      The price point are also roughly the same when your comparing.. a DSi bundle is 299.. about 50 bucks difference from a DSlite and 100 off a Wii. PSPGo is roughly 350-400.. about 100 difference from PSP and almost 100 off the price of a PS3.

      However while loosing the GBA BC a DSi can STILL play DS games along w/ the extra multimedia. A PSPGo CAN'T PLAY older PSP library games (no UMD).

      So whats my point? The same question as Reggie... who is PSPGo marketed to? While DSi is technically version 2 of DSLite its still aimed at the people who would enjoy a DS while not bothering w/ GBA (mostly newer DS adopters). Its Still a DS that plays existing DS games w/ some new pony tricks.

      On the other hand PSPGo while being touted as a multimedia device is stuck in the middle of nowhere as to who to attract.. early adopters of a PSP won't benefit much because pretty much their existing library becomes moot unless they can expect to redownload them for free (not likely). New adopters might be turned off by the price difference of the old PSP and the fact they aren't going to be able to buy/use a majority of the existing PSP library.

      As for the multimedia angle.. PSP is still an excellent device for gaming and multimedia by itself.. and if someone really wanted a multimedia device on its own in a pinch iPods are much cheaper.

      Sure its a Version 2.. but exactly version 2 for whom?

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