Final Fantasy XIII: "Shut Up And Come Quiet"

Square Enix has released two hands full of new Final Fantasy XIII screens, two of which come with English language subtitles.

The other screen has this profound question: "Tell me. Do you really think your life is worth more than the lives of millions of Cocoon citizens?"

Eight New Final Fantasy XIII English Screenshots [Final]


    oh lawl, its like an anime sub!

    Ugh. I hope this isn't a sign of bad English localisation. "Shut up and come quietly" is what I'm sure they meant to say.

      To be fair, 'shut up and come quiet' is fine for speech, realistic characterization would totally fail if everyone spoke in correct grammar without any sort of personality.

        I don't know, it sounds weird saying it out loud too. If it was real speech, depending on the context they would have just said "Just shut up and come over here", or "Shut up and turn yourself in".
        "Shut up and come quiet" sounds like it's trying to emulate a literary cliche "come quietly", but is failing miserably.

        Side note, how starved are we of FFXIII content that we are tearing apart a subtitle? :P

    shouldn't it be "shut up and come quietly"?

    graphics don't look that good...

    Quiet and fast, that's how I come.

    I mean .... what?

    Needs more "this man are sick"

    How does one both shut up and come quiet? Isn't that the same as speaking and talking at the same time?

    All your base are belong to us...

    Death of the fecking adverb.

    Main screen turn on. Set up us the bomb.

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