First Assassin's Creed Lineage Short Hits Internet

Everyone always complains about game movie adaptations — but we are so not complaining about this. More please.

This is the first in a series of short movies that are being developed by Hybride Technologies, the visual effects studio behind 300 and Sin City, which Ubisoft bought last year for just this sort of project.

Thanks Svenohair!


    i saw it ... awesome... that is all

    Best game ad EVER!

    I reckon that if they had a good storyline, they could make it into a TV series and actually NOT have it suck!

    Any idea if the film will come with the game? I've been trying to avoid info on AC2 to avoid spoilers

    Also, Ezio's mum is quite the MILF

    Oh wow, finally something live-action that actually impresses me! It's great that they use some of the actions you can do in game, not a lot of FMVs do that (cause they're either some boring briefing or just an excuse to put hot female generals into RTS...) I'm totally sold for this game!

    @Aliasalpha: when you said Ezio's mum is hot I was like WTF that's his wife! And then I realised the ponytail lad at the end is Ezio XD But that means his dad would die at some point before the game... Nooooooo!

    i tried watching it but turned it off half way through... it just doesnt seem that well put together to me and doesn't have the ability to hold my attention.

    Love the assassins creed games and these shorts have some serious potential, but for now that just seem like your generic Renaissance hierarchy film.

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