First Look At New DSi Colours

The DSi LL will be released in Japan on November 21 and priced at ¥20,000 (US$220). The newly designed portably features a 4.2 inch screen and comes in three colours: Dark Brown, Wine Red and Natural White.


    Really digging the new colours. What I do like is that it gives you more precision when playing pinpoint stylus accuracy games.

    but those 3d pixels are getting blown up more and more.

    Dark Brown O_o
    Why would anyone want a brown ds?
    The white one looks good in the picture but from my experience, colours always look better in screenshots of these sort of things than in real life.

      According to fashionistas, Dark Brown exudes 'elegance'.

      According to me, Dark Brown exudes yet another Nintendo (and EB Games) scam for you to throw your old brick DS away and buying new ones every 6 months.

        I swear it's black, but they've decided to call it Dark Brown since Sony have already taken Piano Black for the PSP and the PS3. What else could they have named it?

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