First Rocket Knight Remake Trailer Is Go!

Konami's modern-day revival of the Rocket Knight Adventures series was formally announced this week. Good news, for those of us who remember Sparkster's 16-bit outings. Today, we get another taste, now in trailer form.

GameVideos has the first HD clip of Sparkster in motion, sporting sharp new polygons and more pixels than all other Rocket Knight games combined. It's a staggering, jaw-dropping number of pixels, enough to fill an entire screen! What you see probably won't surprise you, but it certainly may soothe.

Rocket Knight Exclusive Debut Trailer HD [1UP]


    Rocket Knight Adventures was one of my all-time favourite games, but Sparkster that followed it was nowhere NEAR as good in my opinion. I'm a bit worried that they seem to have gone for something closer to Sparkster as far as gameplay as concerned.

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