Football Fans — Here's Collinsworth NFL 10

Cris Collinsworth took over as the colour analyst for the Madden franchise last year. John Madden retired from broadcasting this year. As this video suggests, it's only a matter of time before the ex-Bengals receiver takes over the title

Collinsworth (as voiced by NYC comedian Rob Lathan) has to start out somewhere, so here he begins by calling the action for Intellivision's Rural New Mexico Six-on-Six Football NFL Football (and the later All-Pro Football, with the forward pass perfected by the Mattel LED handhelds years before).

Remember, "You've never lived until one of those clowns flips you upside down." It's a sound bite you hear 48 zillion times in the most mundane Madden NFL 10 game. It'd also take up 20 times the memory of one of these ROMs.

Collinsworth NFL 10 - Rated E for Effort [YouTube, thanks Ian V.]


    Can't wait to see 2011! You may be able to 'unlock' audibles!!

    Pretty sure the footage of the 'unlockable' forward pass is from the Atari 2600 Realsports Football, not All-pro Football??

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