Forza 3 Car Crash, It Lives!

The best part? There's a payoff.

Forza 3 was released in PAL territories on October 23 and in Japan on October 22. It will be out in North America on October 27. Tomorrow!

Xbox360『Forza3』で起きた凄い事故動画 [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]


    Wow that looks so real!!


    Thats pretty realistic...Some idiot in an exxa did that in my street a few weeks ago .. minus the whole defying the laws of physics spinning top thingy

    Can a car just flip by going over a kerb?

    Worst. Crash-Deformation. Ever! - Jeff Albertson

    having seen this I'm now wondering why people were complaining about gt5's proposed crash deformation and physics...
    no deformed tail from ground pound, no deformed nose from subsequent hit...

    The definitive driving game of this generation strikes again

    Haha, I drove that exact same model of car (Toyota Celica T200, its even silver) for driving lessons today, now I'm kind of afraid to drive it.

    Wow, I'm just constantly amazed at the realistic physics engines in games these days.

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