Game Damage Trailer May Spoil Upcoming Games TV Series

Game Damage is a show about games, featuring Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw (of Zero Punctuation fame) and Australian Gamer's Yug and Matt. It hasn't started yet, but here's a trailer for the upcoming series.

Yug tells us that the original pilot for the series clocked up over 250,000 views in the five days following its Youtube debut.

And for those keen to see more, he adds that, "GameDamage is currently being showcased at the MIPCOM conference in Cannes, France, where they will be finalising international distribution deals to get GameDamage seen in as many countries as possible."

Is Game Damage the kind of video game show you want to watch?



    I watched the trailer, and while Yahtzee is good, the other guys didn't weren't so great IMHO. Not that they were unfunny or anything, just that they didn't do hosting for a TV audience particularly well. Had a bit of a Channel 31 vibe to it.

    However, if it gets picked up I'll probably watch it.

    I kinda reakon it looks a bit lame. The hosts dont translate to TV well IMO.

    I am not sure if I like 3 hosts either. I dont mind 2 hosts and other add ons. But not overly excited about 3 hosts.

      Don't be turned off, these guys do it well.

        Bingo, those guys are great.

    Bit dull really. Don't mind Yug coz he seems decent....but Yahtzee is lifeless, and looks like he's trying to live up to his hard, emotionless character. Meanwhile the other guy bags himself for not being cool? What? Again, trying to live up to a gaming stereotype or something.
    For 3 presenters to work well, like in Top Gear, they all have to seem genuine... but there's only 1 of the 3 that gets even remotely close to that.

    the hosts are kinda rough at it but i can see definate potential yahtzee and matt are sorta a bit o the comic relief to ends of the spectrum yahtzee being the cold emotionless sociopath and matt being the exact opposite whilst yug plays it right down the middle each host offers cynisism hope and reality in turn

    It's the same bad pilot with better production values IMO.

    Yug seems fine, but Matt's basically got zero visual personality or flair, which you need on TV.

    They should have just stuck to podcasts.

    Yeah they all need a little work, but this is much, much better then they were in the pilot.

    Yug and Matt don't have the charisma for television, and Yahtzee is too left-centre to interact with either host effectively. I like the direction of the show but not with these faces.

    Heck, their fuckin' podcast was a load of bollocks, too. I like that they want to start a new Australian show but they don't suit the limelight.

    Upon hearing 'the iphone 3GS was released last week' it reminded me how very difficult it is to be up to date and relevant with a TV show on video games.

    The industry doesnt move with any great speed but even a weekly show is bound to just be late on the up take with people tuning in to listen to news they heard at the turn of the week. This is assuming they are going to make them weekly, it only gets worse if its bi-weekly or monthly.

    At least the skits look funny this time, in the pilot they were stale and awkward (sorta like hearing someone quote 'the princess is in another castle! hahahaha, get it?').

    I look forward to this. I just hope they can all make the successful leap from voices to faces.

    The hosts of Good Game know how to host a show, and I keep coming back to it. Everyone likes Yahtzee in some degree, but having co-host(s) that can work and bounce off him is going to be the key - I don't think the guys on there currently can do this.

    Yeah, nah.

    "give him the stick, DONT GIVE HIM THE STICK!"

    Matt is so uncomfortable on screen it makes ME feel awkward. I imagine that's what Christopher Reeve would look like if they stood him up and quickly recorded him before he collapsed.

    I agree with the other comments as well, the hosts just dont gell.

    So when are they getting rid of the two chumps and calling it the Yahtzee show?

    If these guys want to shill themselves out and become media whores, that's their decision. The Australian gaming community doesn't need a 'voice' so if they're trying to 'speak for the rest of us' then they're sorely mistaken. Any sniff of advertising or other influences dictating content and people will notice it immediately and turn off. Myself, I won't even watch it as GoodGame, and anything else like this that wants to be on TV automatically makes itself obsolete and the news they report redundant by the very choice of media chosen to present it. Yahtzee, stick to sarcastic uninformative reviews, Yug and Matt, stick to poorly drawn stick figure based un-funny "comics".

    wow.. that was sort of like watching paint dry...

    maybe get rid of matt. he seems... not good.

    Well, I agree the hosts Yug and Matt feel uncomfortable, but then again Jung and Bajo seemed unsure of themselves in the beginning too, now they are cheesey and fit the job perfectly, I couldn't imagine anyone taking there place. Like, whats her name... ummm... the newish girl in GG, can't think of her name... oh yeah Lux, she's got that same uncomfortable, obvious script reading vibe Yug and Matt have. Ben, well, he's the only reason I'll be watching the show.
    BUT, having said all that, these guys are out there giving it a go. They are trying to make a name for themselves, and a career in what they love, and well I say hats off and pants down to them for that. If making good tv was meant to be easy, we'd all be doing it, give the fella's some time and we'll be rewarded in the end with 1 more show worth watching each week, bringing the total to 3.

    i listen to there podcast all the time and cant wait til there show even if its not fantastic at the start.

    Eh I'm pretty stoked for the show, quite liked the pilot and the new trailer shows an infinitely better setup/presentation.

    Still they do seem a little awkward while sitting and chatting, I'm sure they'll get more comfortable with the whole being filmed thing over time. I recall Bajo and Junglist being a little more reserved in early episodes of goodgame.

    Don't try comparing this with Good Game its 2 different types of shows, while Good Game reviews games this more talks about Game culture and other subjects, along with a few skits

      I don't think LazyAza was actually comparing there..

      Just mentioning that starting a new TV show is always a rather daunting version and as with GG at the start it's just early episode nerves..

      Once all three of them get comfortable with their "characters" on TV it's probably going to be a lot better =3

      On Topic: I quite enjoyed the show as a whole myself.. seems some comments will never change no matter how much they improve the show tho (ie. Matt shouldn't be on TV, Yahtzee's to cranky, blah blah) no pleasing everybody =P

    Didn't this come out... ages ago?

    I'm into it.

    PUT THEM ON THE TELE DAMN IT .... fuck I hate all these analytical wankers... just let it reach the broader audience IMMEDIATELY ....

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