Games On Demand: Fist-Bumping, Werehogs, And LA Traffic

Whether you enjoy shooting, driving, or bemoaning the sad decline of a once-beloved franchise, today's additions to the Xbox 360 Games on Demand lineup have something for you!

Three old Xbox 360 titles are made new again this week, thanks to the magic of digital delivery. Today you can download Army of Two, Midnight Club: LA, or Sonic Unleashed directly to your Xbox 360, with no need to leave the safety and comfort of your own abode. Just because we say you shouldn't play Sonic Unleashed is no reason not to drop $US29.99 for it and see why you shouldn't play it for yourself!

Midnight Club: LA also rings up at $US29.99, while EA's buddy mercenary joint is a steal at $US19.99.

Has anyone out there purchased a game through Games on Demand? I've only picked up BioShock myself, and that's because I was given a code to test out the service when it launched. Has the convenience moved you?

Kotaku AU Note: Midnight Club and Army of Two are both $AU49.95, while Sonic Unleashed hasn't yet appeared on our store even though Major Nelson says it's available in all regions. No great loss though!

Xbox 360 Games on Demand: Army of Two, Midnight Club: LA and Sonic Unleashed [Major Nelson]


    I'm surprised that we (Australia), are not really getting screwed anymore. Mass Effect finally dropped the ridiculous price of $100, and most games are selling for $50 ( GTA IV, Bioshock, Midnight CLub, Army of Two).

    If they dropped down to $40 or $30, then it enteres the realms of an impulse purchase, and you would see a huge increase in sales. So far I've only got Burnout Paradise for $30.

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