GameStop Gives You Two Extra Levels In COP: The Recruit Pre-order

COP: The Recruit looked like a big game when I saw it last. But if you want to super-size it, GameStop's giving out two extra levels to pre-order customers.

To me, the game is what Grand Theft Auto could've been on the DS — only from the perspective of the police. You play as an ex-con who gets paroled into a special police program where he goes around busting other cons in exchange for his freedom. It's got 3D driving and shooting as well as some mini-games like "spot the gangster on the casino security cam."

Head to GameStop to get in on the pre-order deal and enjoy some screens to your left.

Kotaku AU Note: Obviously this being a Gamestop preorder, it only applies to the US. But I figured you'd want to see the screens anyway.


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