GameStop: Super Street Fighter IV Has Low, Fierce Price Of $US40

Here's your Street Fighter pun for the day: "Juri's out on Super Street Fighter IV this March."

The GameStop listing was spotted by MTV Multiplayer earlier today and Capcom has yet to deny it. The pre-order ship date of March 23 certainly syncs up with Capcom's Spring 2010 goal.

Super Street Fighter IV introduces several familiar characters, plus a newcomer or two like Juri. Producer Yoshinori Ono said that the content Super introduces to SFIV was too much for a downloadable content pack to handle. Which is why, I guess, it's totally fair that they want about as much money for Super SFIV as they do for SFIV these days. Economics, gotta love 'em!

I'm going to go chug some more cold medicine.

GameStop Lists 'Super Street Fighter 4' Price And Ship Date [MTV Multiplayer]


    This means that we are probably looking at $80-$90 AUD for this title, as the trend for working out Australian prices seems to be:

    Convert American price from USD to AUD, then double it -_-

    Has anyone noticed that EB want $109 for the PC version of L4D2? That's just horrible, considering PC games have been traditionally cheaper. Guess play-asia gets another of my sales, screw you, Australian Economy

      Games have always cost about that much, even though they used to cost much less to produce. A stronger Australian dollar doesn't mean that the price on games should instantly drop substancially, it just means that if we *do* import, we'll save a lot of money. Hell, towards the middle of the year it became cheaper to buy a lot of games locally than to import, but I didn't hear anyone complaining about inconsistency then...

        The way the dollar is right now you'd be mad not to import.

      Thank Valve for Steam :P cost me so much less for games now.

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