German Activist Group's "Killer Game" Toss Makes Me Uncomfortable

Game Politics reports that a German advocacy group wants people to bring their "killer games" to the front of an opera house to throw away. One lucky tosser (har, har) will win a signed jersey from a sports team.

The site goes on to link the group's upcoming weekend event to a school shooting that occurred earlier this year.

While I don't want to disrespect an anti-violence movement that's a direct response to the tragedy, I have a serious problem with the thought of an activist group trashing video games. The wanton destruction (or junking) of any entertainment media for no better reason than it might have something to do with something people don't like reminds me of book-burning — something the Nazi party encouraged.

That nasty association only got worse when I read this next paragraph:

GP reader Matthias noted that one image used in the group's promotion for the event appears to use a modified copy of an image designed to aid Germany in ridding use of the swastika, substituting a CD or DVD for the Nazi symbol.

Really, activist group? You couldn't think of a more productive thing to do with video games?

German Group Plans Killer Game Drive [Game Politics]


    Wouldn't it be more symbolic for them to burn the games that are causing offence? I mean come on!

    Mindless paranoia and a crime against an art form.

    Thankfully this has just enough crazy in it that people will ignore it completely.

    hmm, strange to see sports people getting on-board, maybe they think they're losing revenue to video games? but on a serious note they should get the games in a big pile and then shoot them with a bazooka!

    This is almost at PETA levels of crazy

    Video games don't kill people. Nazis kill people.


    I bet they are having a big gaming night planned for the following weekend.

    I've said it before, but anyone would think they *didn't* attempt genocide on an entire race... and I can't be the only one who saw the eerie allusion to Nazi book burning... These guys scare me almost as much as christians with guns.

    Please Kotaku follow up on this and see if anyone actually DOES throw away their games

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