Get Sprunked With The Ballad Of Gay Tony's Base Jumping Mode

I'm not normally one for the more extreme pursuits, like base jumping from skyscrapers or drinking lemon-lime flavoured soft drink, but there's something about the prospect of parachuting into a convertible while avoiding bazooka fire that appeals to me.

And while I haven't played Grand Theft Auto IV's multiplayer mode for months—not since The Lost and Damned, really—I'm fairly certain I'll be playing Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony, just to see how good I am at such a thing.


    It's finally looking like the game it should've been when it first was released!

    I hate you R*..

      You hate R* or is it your decision to buy only a PS3 that you hate?

    Seems like they're slowly turning it into GTA San
    Andreas... I'm all for it, but the thing is... I didn't even finish the regular GTA IV missions, so I'm not justified in shelling out for this for a long time...

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