Go Play Games With Earthquakes In Them

October 17 marks the anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake — that famous 1989 one that rocked Northern California during an Oakland Athletics/San Francisco Giants game.

So all this week, I'm going to try to play games with earthquakes in them. I guess I could widen that to include games with bridge collapses, since part of the Bay Bridge fell during the quake. And if I was feeling really desperate for something to do, I could go find a copy of R.B.I. Baseball since I was probably playing that instead of watching the real ballgame that day.

Here's what I've got:

Fracture Bad Day L.A. Incredible Crisis Any SimCity game Cities XL The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask – if you let the moon crash into the planet Any Final Fantasy game where enemies keep casting Earthquake Quake – even though there aren't any earthquakes in it

Anybody got any other games I can add to this obscure list?


    play legend of zelda ocarina of time theres no earthquake its just an awesome game

    Duke Nukem 3d Ep1 Level6: The Abyss.

    I think it even specifically mentioned the an Andreas fault too.

      damn now i have to reinstall to my xbox just to see the duke ... always bet on duke

    Can't believe Fracture didn't get a mention, it was what I thought of first :P

    Also Warfront: Turning Point has an Earthquake bomb!

    what about red faction? thats kinda like earthquakes?

    Surely there's one in Disaster: Day of Crisis? I've played about 1/3 of it but can't remember if I've come across one yet. Surely it happens at some point?

    There is always Theme Hospital! (and you can D/L it on the PS3)

    Perhaps the best natural disaster game EVAR: S.O.S on the ps2, one of the best games I've ever played.

    Have yet to find another game that is as good where you never kill anything, it truly was masterful. I was hoping Disaster would be similar but no, hopefully I Am Alive will do a better job of continuing the fantastic survival gameplay.

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