God Of War III Demo Unchained Early For Some

Hey, Kotaku readership. You may want to check your email, as God of War III demos appear to be going out unsolicited to "valued PlayStation Network user[s] ".

We've heard from a handful of Kotaku readers in the United States, UK and Poland—we would never forget Poland—who have been surprised with download vouchers for the God of War III E3 demo. So we'd advise anyone with a PlayStation Network account and a PS3 to dig through their inboxes and spam filters for playable Kratos.

Thanks for the tips, fellas. Just make sure you hide your download voucher codes from us in the future! Muahahahaha.


    I just got one of these codes as well. Looks like its going right around the world.

    10% complete come on PSN get a move on! It's a massive demo 2.6gb. But hot diggety it should be worth it :P

    I got one and downloading it now :)

    Any idea as to why they sent it to only some of us?

    Awww yeh! Just checked mine and there it was... I guess something had to eventually make me put UC2 down!
    FYI Im in Australia.

    Just also checked, and i have one too! How joyous :)

    Oh yeah - big download though. I've had to pause it so it doesn't use up too much peak quoata (darn Oz internets). If I had have known it was coming I would have held off on the R & C demo!!

    got it too!!!
    2 and a half gigs tho, damn!!

    It looks more like anyone on PSN with email gets the code... but how cool is this for a surprise! Didn't see this one coming!

    Now just got to wait for that big chunk of a download to complete! Man these demo's are getting big! Thank god my ISP just added another 10gb to my plan! =)

    I didn't get one :( anyone not want theirs?

    hehe, worth a shot...

    i got it this mourning and im in australia this is awesome lol :P

    So I'm not a valued customer Sony? Ouch.

    Just got mine this early morning (6AM) but didn't get to start downloading until 7PM.
    I'm also from Australia.

    Its too late to get the demo now but for next time make sure you are signed up for the psn newsletter you will have a better chance

    Aussie here, got one this morning :P


    Yep got mine this morning. Downloaded and played it. Excellent surprised me on how good the game looks and feels. Australia is where i'm at.

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