Good Game Explains Why Junglist Was Axed

Good Game Explains Why Junglist Was Axed

The fallout from last week’s axeing of Good Game host Junglist has continued. A post from Team Good Game appeared yesterday on the show’s own community forum, the first public statement from the ABC to address the reason behind Junglist’s removal.

Last Friday, the ABC announced that Junglist had been replaced as Good Game co-host and Hex would be joing Bajo for the rest of the year. The pair would also present a spin-off show called Good Game: Spawn Point on ABC3 next year.

The reaction from the Good Game community ranged from anger to sadness and disbelief at Junglist’s departure. Some fans have even set up a website devoted to saving Junglist “from being axed by the ABC.”

Late yesterday afternoon, a statement was posted on the Good Game forum attributed to Team Good Game, saying that the “decision to take Junglist off air was not forced upon us by ABC Management and it’s one that is fully supported by all the GG team.”

The statement also addressed the fears of some viewers that the host changes would result in a “dumbed down” program, saying: “That’s absolutely not right. We, as ever, will continue our quest to bring you the show for gamers by gamers…”

This statement quickly drew a response from Junglist himself, refuting some of the claims made by Team Good Game. He said he knew a number of team members “clearly DON’T support this” and that the decision “was forced by ABC management, for a mass appeal direction”.

Later, Bajo responded to Junglist’s post, stating that “while Junglist may have his own version of events, so do we, and all we ever wanted to do was work with him but it’s not to be…”

Good Game staff are bound by confidentiality agreements and thus cannot discuss the details of the situation directly. The thread is now well over 40 pages long as the Good Game community continues to debate what may or may not have actually happened.


  • Wow… there seems like there is some bitchiness going on at Good Game with both Junglist’s and Bajo’s comments…. Good Game is fast becoming Days Of Our Lives or The Bold And Beautiful… or is that the Young And Restless?!

  • Not my place really, but HIRE JUNG FOR KOTAKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What I mean to say is bosses can be assholes, I think its in the blood. From life, I can pretty much summarize that all assholes are stupid morons, well, obviously thats not completely true, I’ll revise. All assholes are stupid morons, with the one exception being House MD (yes he’s real in my world). Broder appeal my brown winking cyclops, why could they not get rid of Rae (whose ass exciting as eating cardboard) and put Hex in her place, then you still have a hot chick (looks make the world go around) to keep the big wigs happy. HIRE JUNG FOR KOTAKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hows about Game Damage get rid of the other 2 guys, and do it with Jung (serious side of gaming) and Ben (for the luls)… No wait, cause HIRE JUNG FOR KOTAKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    did I mention HIRE JUNG FOR KOTAKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???

  • Junglist was the only part of that show that didn’t make me cringe. Now I have no reason to watch the show whatsoever.

    Nice work ABC, why don’t you bring in some scrawny 18 year old holding a skateboard and a backwards cap as well to make the show more ‘edgy’.



  • I watched the first episode with Hex… And I was quite surprised… I haven’t watched Good Game for quite a few months and to see new blood was quite good to tell you the truth.

    Management obviously wanted a female on the show to connect to a larger demographic.

    Whatever the reason, it’s sad to see Junglist go in alot of ways, but for the show… I doubt it is all bad…

  • New girl is cute and funny. Keep her as a replacement for Rai (boring, I IQ the show and usually fast forward through her sections).

    Definitely bring back Jung, even if he does have a stupid nickname… actually, they all have stupid nicknames, and I don’t even know why they need nicknames. Everytime Jung used to say Baj, I always hear Vag 😉

  • I gotta say I am really disapointed to see it go down like this. I am confused even if he was replaced for mass appeal . Why he would want to in essence take the show down with him?

    I am a Junglist fan. He suits the show. I am also a fan of the show too. I hope with this fallout we dont loose Jung and the show because thats a loose loose for everyone.

    Jung wont have a problem getting work elsewhere but inflaming on the forums wont help his cause IMO.

    I want to see him take on a new venture that he can get his teeth into.

  • I understand that new blood is great and I’m happy to see progression. But I feel that Hex doesn’t fill the slot of Hardcore Gamer (which used to be Jung) and Casual or Easycore gamer (which seemed to be Bajo).
    I enjoyed the more serious view of Jung as he did talk about the Core Game Mechanic’s, The Aesthetics’ vs. Gameplay.etc.

    I still enjoy the show and i still see it as a show for gamers by gamers, but i just hope that Hex or Bajo fill that gap and we don’t end up with two casual gamers.

  • Hmmm I’m willing to give it a try but as an adult I preferred junglists somewhat more serious approach to it all and especially the bluntness of his opinions. While I didn’t always agree I definitely respected the fact that he made them.

    I still like bajo but he was always the less serious one for me, still decent with opinions and gripes about games but it was the combination of the two that worked. I’ll give the new one a try but I can’t say I’ll like it off the bat. Heck, it took me 5 seasons to get into it in the first place.

  • From what I saw on Monday night, Hex is qulified to report on these games, but just dosent have that passion that comes across through the camera. It semed forced, rigid and rehearsed. The things she was saying were apt and relevant, I just didn’t get the same vibe from her than from Jung. It’s a shame, remember, he has been there a long time and knows his shit. She wears too much make up too.

  • Personally I don’t know anybody who bothered watching that watered down show to begin with. In my opinion it always steered towards the larger and more commercial demographic, this just seems to be a further push in that direction.

    On the brighter side its an opportunity for him to move in a bigger and better direction.

  • I’m sad Junglist got canned and all, they should have done it with more class (maybe had a goodbye show for him or something?) but I agree with the decision. The show needed a girl, badly. Not as a guest presenter, as a regular host. I haven’t got used to the change yet, but I think it was a good one.

  • Maybe the head honchos at ABC are looking at GG the same way they would look at selling a BBQ…put a sexy woman wearing a bikini next to it and men will buy??

    I think it’s good that the show has a female presence in it. Break down those walls that is the generalization only men play games!

    • Ahh…there already was a female presence on the show – Rei (asian girl’s name, not as in “Ray”). Now the hosting of the show is 67% female (though whether it’s not actually higher than that is questionable given Bajo’s apparent retreat and abandonment of a comrade).

  • On Monday there were two people who had never freakin’ played Kingdom Hearts on their talking about a Kingdom Hearts game. The banter on monday was awkward, but I am willing to put that down to first appearance jitters. I did find it difficult to watch though and echo the sentiments of Chris Barns and others when I say that… I just don’t believe that Hex really knows what She is talking about. I could be wrong and I hope I am but I am a little nervous about the direction of what was an incredibly tight, funny and informative show.

  • I agree with Chris Barns. Hex was good but neither she nor Bajo really give the hardcore gamer vibe. Jung needs his own part of the show where he can just go hardcore – IMO ditch those “current affairs” sequences that I (and probably half the viewing public) skip anyway and let Jung loose on competitive gaming.

  • “forced by ABC management, for a mass appeal direction”

    He says this like it’s a bad thing.

    This is looking like the endless “hardcore vs casual” debate which has been repeated ad nauseum.

    This is a TV show about games, it makes sense to try to pitch it to people outside hardcore gamers (we all get our info from the Internet anyway, right?). Whether or not the host change is the way to go about this is debatable, but misses the point; at least it shows they know where they need to take the show to make it relevant, which currently it isn’t.

    • It is a bad thing, because they really just screwed themselves over. Hex and Bajo are reviewing from the same perspective, I don’t see how that’s going to increase viewership, apart from the intro of a “edgy” scene kid (yay).

      I don’t see how the show is not relevant, it’s one of the top downloaded and most discussed ABC has. It doesn’t pitch it soley to HC gamers, Bajo was there to cover the casual spectrum, now with Hex, it’s just Bajo repeating himself with bewbies (YAY!!).

  • I’m debating boycotting the show completely. I mean Junglist was the show, he has always been the main host imo. Kopowski left the show on good terms (his choice from my understanding) and being replaced with Bajo didn’t change things all that much. But taking away Jung is a show killer. His understanding of many genres of games can’t be replaced. Cya laterz Good Game. RIP.

  • it’s like taking David Stratton(?) of the movie show and replacing him with Richard Wilkins.

    ok Hex might not be that bad but Junglist just had a greater appreciation for more ‘Hardcore’ titles.

    Heaven forbid they review another racing game…

    • I agree, that Forza review was pretty poor, I play a fair few of the driving games and the points they raised were all the points I already knew from previews and the like. I wanted a more “Hardcore” review covering driving models and stuff like that. Maybe a comparison between Shift and GT5 would be good too. That chick had really no input in that review at all too, now that I think about it.

  • Baj should get a 1 game review a show attachment to “At the movies” with david and margaret. Then everything would work out splendid.

  • This irks me greatly. I at least thought that it was an amicable decision, and the spite from bajo (who always seemed so nice) really turns me off this show, which is sad, because I really liked it.

    Junglist should make his own webshow. He’d make the money points from it, clearly, with his fan following, plus, given his accent, Americans might be interested, too. I just hope he doesn’t move to commercial TV.

  • I say Jung get picked up by another station, he will get more attention on Ch 9 and 10 but AbC2!? I bet you 20% of the viewers actually watch it at the exact time, personaly I just watch it via podcast.

    Jung has a talent for thinking what we are thinking, go gives what WE want to know eg: Is this another generic JRPG/FPS whereas “Bajo” always says “Yeah Jung, I agree” and he just regurgitates the same thing Jung said. As stated before I reckon a mainstream station should make a gaming show to compete with GG, because if I want to see boobs I have the Internet and not some “awesomeeeeee Gamer CHIK who hazzzz an xbocks!!!”.

    And it seems Bajo is preferring the blonde over his own partner of many years, twat. But in all honesty GG should change their motto from “The show for gamers by gamers” to
    “The show for teenagers going through puberty and playing games, by a scrawny man and a blonde who has a ds and wii”

    • “Yeah Khanh Le, I agree” 🙂 GIVE JUNGLIST HIS OWN SHOW. Come on, one of the other stations go for it. You got someone who knows how to do a presenting job ready-made – don’t have to run a stupid reality show like Big Brother to find a bogan to attempt shaping into a watchable host. Channel 9 – you up for this? Talent and personality on offer here, that would be nice for a change, wouldn’t it? SBS – perhaps something local and without subtitles? Good time to buy Australian.

      Perhaps Good Game’s motto could be, “the show for mass appeal to the lowest common denominator, served up by your pretentious ABC douchebag managment”. Hey ABC, while you’re killing the goose that lays the golden egg, why don’t “ban” the show for a week or two (Chaser-style) for some dopey reason (e.g. not enough peroxide) to stir a media storm and draw more attention to the show for ratings. Oh hang on, you already did that when you sacked Junglist.

      By the way, nice euphemism by Bajo about Junglist still being on the show, “working behind the scenes”. I am sure the dole queue is an awesome place to be to contribute to the show.

  • I wish junglist the best of luck. He is articulate and a good presenter. Why work for the ABC when he could strike out on his own and create his own vidcast. He has enough recognition out there and would have plenty of industry contacts.

    As for the new host, in some ways it is a positive move to appeal to a broader demographic to break out of the boys only zone, which to be fair gaming has a reputation for having. I appreciate they already had Rei there but she was not hosting.

    • Everyone who has any opinon on this should read this link NOW!

      It is very informative and has made me think even less of the ABC.

      They axed Jung because he wanted to play games for longer than ONE DAY before reviewing them? Terrible, some games require much more time than that.

      And it looks like the gender issue is more true than we thought.

    • Just read that article. It appears there may be another reason to Junglist’s sacking; not just the apparent attempt to appeal to a larger, kid friendly audience:

      “Ray said in a phone interview yesterday there had been occasional disputes over how long the show’s game reviewers should play a game before preparing a review.

      “Ray said the ABC wanted all playing and filming for each review to be done in a day but he had opposed this, insisting that some games needed more time to do them justice.

      “The show’s producer, Janet Carr, hinted yesterday there were “time management” issues behind the replacement.”

      This makes sense if you think about. Junglist, being a ‘true’ gamer, will obviously put in the time that a game deserves to review it. Hence when immensely time demanding games come about, such as Aion, problems inevitably emerge. Having to produce a weekly show is fairly taxing, and I can see why the ABC would prefer the time taken to review a game limited to one day.

      Of course this is can’t be proven, but:

      If we *really* care about this, $30 will be nothing if the truth comes out, right? (ABC Freedom of Information policy, no idea if it is actually applicable so someone who does law clarify this =\)

  • I watched the show and I got to say Hex is TERRIBLE!! She sat on the couch like she was posing for Myspace photos and kept smirking at the camera or at Bajo throughout the game reviews like she was flirting with him. Not to mention she reviews like she is reading from an autocue like a News presenter.

    My girlfriend who is only a Mass Effect nut (She doesn’t care for any other game) even enjoyed watching GG with me because of Junglist’s honest and technical reviews. With Hex onboard, It’s like watching two Bajo’s reviewing the game and that’s not a good thing (Especially with his god awful comedy skits!!) Bajo & Hex think the same things about the game, Hell they even gave the game reviews the same score this week!! And a 9.5 for Forza Motorsport 3?? What a joke!! I think Bajo’s game ratings have always been inconsistent and now with Hex onboard, their game reviews hold as much credibility as a $1 hooker. Just look at the way Bajo is being spineless and backing the ABC’s position despite knowing the truth!! Pathetic!! It should have been Bajo removed if anyone.

    And Hex will not reach out to anyone but pathetic guys who are simple minded who have a “Oh wow, she’s hot so the show is good” mentality (Which she isn’t!!). This show can no longer use with any honesty the line “For Gamers By Gamers”. Instead it should use “By Hacks For Hacks”!!

    Well Junglist, you rock man and thanks for the memories. All the best to you in whatever you do and for me & my better half, It’s game over for Good Game. We’re done with it.

    • hahaha fuck yes! the make up artists are pretty bad on good game. although, they always made junglist look pretty…oh jung…

  • Hex is a dog and she is no Junglist, she kept refering to Bajo as Baj, I had to explain to my wife that she was saying Baj not Vag (vagina)

  • Although I never thought of myself as a real fan of either presenter, I never had a problem with either. However watching the show now, I just feel something’s wrong, that whole ‘by gamers for gamers’ thing is off; I’m not saying that Hex isn’t a gamer, but it just seems a tad forced or fake now.

    Like most of you I really hope Jung gets picked up by something better and ends up on a show that becomes more popular than GG, would be a nice end of that story.

  • as always the truth probably lies somwhere in the middle. the introduction of a female for wider audiance appeal was probably a directive from ABC.

    but if we all agree that Jung was the more popular presenter then why drop him? if a change was going to be made Jung + Hex seems the lesser of two evils. this is likely what Banjo is aluding to in his post, someone made the call to drop jung for reasons we may never know (or Banjo calls it “our own Truth Bomb”).

    IMO, too many bad decisions all round.

    ABC pushing to change the lineup to achive “mass-appeal” on its ABC2 digital channel show is foolish. the show appeals to a subset of a subset of people who have both a digital set top box, enjoy video games, and have nothing better to watch at monday prime time(mass appeal audiance care nothing for vodcasts). when you chase a general audiance you have to compete for the general audiance. GG is not better than GNW or Flashforwad.

    Jung too, despite whatever happened, showed bad form by trolling the GG forums. he didnt need to come in and state the “we chose this ourselves” line was a lie, were gamers we assume conspiracy untill proven wrong. and nitpicking the show was a bit petty too. a better decision would have been to start a twitter/facbook/blog and rally his audiance to it, then whatever project he moves on to he can bring his followers across with him.

    • Just something to note, i watch Good Game on the internet, and most of my friends that are fans do the same.

      In fact, seeings as good game is easily ABC’s number one downloaded podcast, i’d go as far as to say that a majority of it’s fans download the show instead of watching it on TV

  • At the end of the day, While Syd claims she wants the best to work on GG, the fact they replace Junglist with someone utterly inept like Hex shows that Syd is just speaking total crap and towing the ABC Management line like a good little drone.

    And does ABC have any f**king clue about kids today?? Do they realise how many kids play Halo etc?? Do they actually believe Kids actually play kids games??? Only pre-schoolers play kids games!!

    ABC has just shown there needs to be something more bigger then a Epic Fail!!

  • I wondered when Kotaku was gonna report on the melodrama goin on over at the GG forums…

    I do feel that the show was getting stale and did need “refreshing” but they definitely replaced the wrong host. Not a personal attack against Bajo, but I mean, as a presenter- did anyone actually like him?? Hes just really unfunny and annoying, and yet they kept him?

    I do approve of Hex tho, seems like shes more than just a pretty face…

    (call me)

    -who am iiiiii

    • I agree they did replace the wrong host. I never liked Bajo, he just seemed to be a guy that used to play solitare on his dads work computer and applied for the job. (casual gamer) He also annoys me with the way he turns his head on camera very unnatural looking.

      Junglist always gave reviews that apealed to me, probably because we have similar tastes in games and attitude.

      I think Jungist should do his own vidcast I know I would download it.

  • Quite honestly we saw alot of those 2 hosts. Surely they could’ve just added Hex without axing Jung? It’s not as if he was the *only* one guilty of giving out review scores between 8 and 10 only.

    I support you Jung, and I’m disappointed to see Bajo’s post. He was no better a host than you and him brushing it off as ‘your version of events’ was disrespectful. I’m sure he would feel differently if it were *him* getting axed.

  • ABC just can’t help themselves. Their formula is “Put on a show – if its any good, change it and make it politically correct to appeal to all the minority groups instead of its originally intended audience and kill the Show off”. Then try and rip people off in the ABC shop flogging DVDs of the Show that went out free to air in the first place. ABC should stop employing dickhead latte sippers and instead people with real taste.

  • I watched the latest edition of the show, minus Junglist, and was deeply saddened by the ABC’s lack of vision and poor understanding of rudimentary marketing. The producers had ‘found a need and filled it’ by finally reaching out to a huge but traditionally neglected market with a winning combination of presenters that played masterfully off one another. Then, after so many successful seasons they did the unthinkable by axing the most talented of the duo in a brainless attempt to increase their market share! Was it an act of utter stupidity by the management of the ABC or just another inside job of sabotage to favour their private network competitors? Maybe someone in ABC management is feathering their future bed in the private sector or just once again lining their pockets with a lucrative cash bonus for an early Christmas present. Istead of ‘find a need and fill it’, the ABC’s new marketing slogan should become ‘dig a hole and fill it with yet another botched opportunity’. To look on the brighter side, I look forward to what will probably be a superior gaming show on the private network, hosted by someone equivalent to Jeremy Ray, if not Jeremy himself. P.S. I was also sorry to see Bajo not stick by his mate in the pinch; I guess actors can be counted on to act when the going gets tough. Good Game: it was a fun ride, R.I.P.

  • I always found both hosts to be rather incompetant, and their banter awkward.

    Stopped watching after a while.

    I think people are so attached to it, purely because its the only gaming show around – not because any of the hosts know what theyre talking about.

    Junglist included.

  • Despite what a lot of people are saying here, I think Hex has the potential to be a good host. Someone who doesn’t have a lifetime history of gaming often has a different perspective on titles (particularly new installments of decades old mega-franchises) which is worth listening to. Someone like this will often see what the die-hard fan will ignore or is used to. However, to get the most out of this in a two-host setup you really need to balance it with a hardcore experienced gamer. Jung would have been better suited to this role.

    Take the new ep for example. Watching a review for Kingdom Hearts where neither host has any experience with the title and then basically both come to the same conclusion really defeats the ‘two ratings’ system I always enjoyed when Jung was part of the show. Having two slightly different perspectives on a game made the format interesting. I hope the GG team realizes this.

  • I find both of them amusing BUT… I have to question the general appeal of the games they refer to. I’ve been a gamer since 1980 and they almost NEVER make reference to anything I’ve ever played, or play now.

  • I’ve watched the show for the last six months and always found it to be funny aswell as a reliable source for reviews…
    Now with hex on the show i found it boring and i fast forwarded through the majority, not even baj could save it she just talked over him, i’m a woman and believe in woman as presenters but she just sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bring back Junglist!!!!

  • One was a PC (Junglist) the other one was a Wii(Bajo). Now they’ve gone and replaced the PC with bloody popcap.

    Really… as a girl gamer, I’m honestly sick to death of the model type reporters (ulk ign / gamespot) having scripted reports and paychecks to keep them gaming…

    Really though, wouldn’t mind if she was female… she just seems like a total n00b, really not liking the thought of someone like her do an interview with someone like Gabe Newell and not have any appreciation for them or what they have done… thats just not right!

  • FUck Junglist and fuck the ABC. I don’t want my tax dollars going to some fuckwits anyway. Junglist isn’t even australian.

  • I always thought that they had a winning combination in Jung and Bajo, that they’d eventually get picked up by commercial TV. ABC have killed the best part of the show. I’m probably one of the oldest audience members. I used to watch it every week with my teenage son. Now neither of us watch it.

  • While I have no problems with Junglist being sacked I am very disappointed with his replacement Hex. She is as boring as batshit and compltely devoid of personality and enthusiasm. She just sits there with a sarcastic and superior look painted on her face. Putting a female gamer in the show smacks of political correctness. I own a video game store and I can tell you females make up 1 customer in every 100. No offence luv.

  • If it’s a show for gamers by gamers and the HC gamer has been shuffled off in favour of a sweet young thing (who is obviously nervous in front of the camera – for now), what kind of finger is being pointed at the Gamers? I reckon it was the buckets that did Jung in 😉 I got RSS for this kind of thing anyway…

  • I didn’t realize how good Junglist was untill I watched some old episodes. Then I watched a new one with Hex and it really sucks. The pair of Hex and Bajo don’t have that same relationship that Bajo and Junglist had.

  • I’d refrained from commenting on Hex’s performance on GG but having just watched the Xmas show I have to say that I won’t be bothering to watch throughout 2010. There’s no rapport between Bajo and Hex and for some reason the show’s content has been really dumbed down. Sorry folks but I’ll be giving it a miss from now on.

  • i can understand the abc’s desire to make the show appeal to a larger demographic, but dropping jung wasn’t the way to do it imo. it seems to me like they’ve dropped nearly half of the show just to try to get more people to watch. im not trying to say that hex is bad or anything, but as has been said already, she and bajo share too much in their views and commentary, so that instead of “actually bajo” we get a lot more “I agree”. best of luck to jung.

  • I’m only a very occassional viewer (obviously because I’m commenting a couple of years later apparently?!), but every time I’ve caught it lately I’ve thought ‘dear god where has the other dude gone??’. The girl is terrible, sorry, and junglist (lol just learnt his name) was the best part of the show. Not worth watching now IMO.

  • I never saw junglist but it sounds like he was pretty cool although I think people are being a little to harsh on hex and bajo, they are both really good I think.

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