GTA: The Ballad Of Gay Tony Multiplayer: Parachutes, Tanks!

Grand Theft Auto IV's newest episode, The Ballad of Gay Tony, won't just build on the game's already strong single-player portions. There are all-new multiplayer goodies coming, including tanks, helicopters and parachutes, as shown in similarly all-new screen shots.

Rockstar Games goes far enough to call the additions a "complete overhaul" to GTA IV's multiplayer modes. With new "tighter" deathmatch maps, kill streaks and kill assists, it may be justified in making those claims. We'll know for sure if Grand Theft Auto IV's multiplayer suite is worth revisiting on October 29 (but watch for our review to hit just before that).

For now, enjoy the fantasy of parachute enabled multiplayer mayhem.


    Time to Dust off the GTA Disc and get back at it... It is a shame however that they (R*) have dissapointed so many fans by not simply doing this the first time around. A big miss I think and it has damaged the reputation of the serise. Still a fantastic game and I am a huge fan, but this will hopefully be a lesson not to take all of the fun out of the game!

    Oh hell yeah.

    I can handle no M1Abrahm style tank, no Rhino as such. The NOOSE tank compromise works better in my opinion. The whole parachute squad looks so gay its funny (I mean that in a totally fitting way!) lol

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