Have We Seen This Mysterious GTA Ad Before?

Yes, yes we have. Reader Bo (thanks Bo!) alerted us to this image on page 17 of the Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, wondering if it was a hint for GTA 5's location.

Another reader Farnic (thanks Farnic!) sends this image, pointing out that the same image that appears in the Episodes from Liberty City also appears in Grand Theft Auto near Star Junction.

Make of it what you will, but do not make apple pie. You cannot make apple pie with this. Sorry, we already tried.


    Man I wish they'd do Sydney....

    it kinda looks like brazil to me...

    i dont get what it means.

    They'll probably be sticking with the US, but my dream city for GTA would be Tokyo.

    Didn't they do something like this in GTA3? My guess is it'll probably be vice city again.

    Does that say Seagull?

    san andreas woul'd be geat

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