Have You Created Your Dragon Age Character Yet?

Bioware has released the character creation tool for Dragon Age: Origins. You can download it now and create your character. I did!

Funny thing, this week I've been running excerpts from the interview I did with Gearbox's Randy Pitchford. Something he said that I haven't posted yet concerned character creation in RPGs. Randy was talking about how in Borderlands they wanted to gradually introduce players to the choices required to mould and shape your character.

"A lot of RPGs," he said, "start by saying right, make a character now, here's 20 points to figure out what kind of guy you want to be. And I'm like, I don't even know what this game is going to ask me to do yet, so how on earth can I possibly make any of these decisions?"

So here's Dragon Age asking us to make all those decisions, not just at the start of the game, but three weeks before the game even gets released!

I've had a play around with the tool this morning. It's nowhere near as interesting as, say, Spore's Creature Creator. Instead it's essentially a stock-standard D&D-styled character generator.

You pick your sex, race (human, elf, dwarf), class (warrior, mage, rogue - and adhering to generic fantasy lore, dwarves cannot be mages) and background (two options per race). I went with a female, elven rogue with the "Dalish Elf" (or true elf, as opposed to the city elf) background, with a view to being some sort of ranger/bowman.

In terms of character stats, Strength, Dexterity, Willpower, Magic, Cunning and Constitution mimic the D&D template in familiar fashion. If you must know, I went with 10, 16, 14, 12, 17, 10, respectively.

There are eight skills, each with four levels of upgrades, though I had no choice here but to accept the default skills I was granted. (Survival and Poison-making.) And there are Talents, akin to D&D's Feats, which again forced a default upon me. (Dirty Fighting, basically a stun attack.)

You can also fiddle with your character's facial features in almost identical fashion to the tools in Mass Effect. And that's it, give yourself a name and you're done.

You can download the Dragon Age: Origins character creation tool here. Let us know if you find it a worthwhile exercise. I didn't!


    Funnily enough Gearbox has released the 'talent trees' for their 4 classes well before the game is released too.

    I already know I'm going to be a Mordecai Sniper/Gunslinger specialist. But I'm not sure how big a roles shields, ammo quantity, clip size are going to be, so how can I possibly make that decision!

    I can see his point though, since DA asks you to assign a large number of stats on character creation, whereas Borderlands only gives you stats/talent points as you play through the game (but so will DA I assume)
    However, if they have some suggested builds/classes in Dragon Age, surely you could quickly see that 'hey warriors have heaps of strength, oh and mages have heaps of intellect, so if I want to make my own spell caster, I should give them more intellect than strength'

    Hey David,

    How do party mechanics work in Dragon Age? ie is it like Mass Effect (Pick 2 out of 5), or do you have all party members at all times?

    This would be a pretty big decider on how to build my character.

      It's like Mass Effect except you have a party of up to four characters. The rest remain behind at your "camp".

    This is giving me bad bongos about the game, which I've been looking forward to. I'll have to look at the tool.

    I keep getting the error the integrity check has failed.

    I've downloaded the Character Creator 3 times now.

    This character creation is passable but I came across a bug where if you add a beard then take it away it resets some of your features like my mouth, jaw and neck because it automatically adds a thick neck when a beard is selected for some reason.
    Also the eyebrows seem to fixed in a slight tilt
    making my guy look a little worried! The tattoos are not dark enough even when set on intense.
    The voices all sound the very samey too unlike Baldurs gate and neverwinter.
    Don't get me wrong I'll buy the game just would like a little more adjustment options.

    Smart thing about Borderlands is they don't ask you to choose any skills to put into slots until you're level 5, so you get to play around a bit before you have to start making such decisions.

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