Hear Final Fantasy XIII's English Voice Acting In New Old Trailer

How many times have you seen this Final Fantasy XIII trailer? This could easily be your third, but the addition of English language voice acting and lip synching make it worth watching again.

For giggles, you can listen to it alongside the fan subtitled version, just to see the difference between the professional and the enthusiast localisation.


    Nice trailer - now we all know what to expect when Serah, Snow and Lightning are all together in some weird mechanical place...

    It may seem that way Jares but knowing final Fantasy and Square its not how it seems.

    After watching the japanese trailers, the english voices just don't seem to fit. Lip synching is awesome too ;)

    I just wish there was an option to switch to the japanese voice overs, like in Lost Odyssey. Regardless, I'm still getting this xD

    Is it possible that a fansub group will release some patch for people to download so that it's possible to buy the Japanese version and actually understand it? I highly doubt it =\

    God I was loving that right up until that turned into a fucking car.

    What the hell is the first girls accent supposed to be? One second Australian, the next British, then American...

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