Here, Let Some Guy Fix Bayonetta

There have been numerouscomplaints about the body proportions for the character Bayonetta. Just look at her, some say! Her head is too small, her back is too bendy, her torso is too long.

Website The Zeonic Front decided to do something about it! Behold, "fixed" Bayonetta:

I don't want to play Bayonetta [The Zeonic Front]


    Soo much better.

    Much better.

    Seriously, was that so hard for their art department to do?

      Did the thought of that was intentional ever come across to you? Maybe to give the character a more able body to cope with all that flipping and shooting?

    holy crap, that looks sooooo much better.. now she's actually somewhat attractive... Not looking like a trans-gender freak

    HAAHAHA the old one looks hilarious and scary at the same time!

    her back's still too bendy

    she looks fine in the game.

    It actually does look better. I mean wtf bendy back?

    wait... lemme grab my tube sock.

    I actually was going to say something about those wierd proportions on the last post about this game. Her head IS tiny...

    Wow, the original looks messed up in comparison now. Her head is ridiculous!

    I think the original design has a kind of "G-Taste" style appeal. Yes the fixed version is more realistic, but I think it's about artistic license here. It's not entirely an absurd design really.

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