Hideo Kojima Shows His Guns

Back when we interviewed Hideo Kojima at this year's Tokyo Game Show, Jin from Japanese blog My Game News Flash kept asking about Kojima's muscles.

Here's why. The game designer has been pumping iron.

But Kojima blogs that because of the Tokyo Game Show, he wasn't able to hit the gym that much. He gained 2 kilograms and lost muscle mass.

Still, check out those guns! Hideo Kojima will mess you up, yo. Baaaaaaaaaad.

二週間ぶり|コナミ小島プロダクション公式ウェブログ [コジブロ]


    i will be building my muscles later :P

    hideo's muscles + cqc = death for teh enemies

    Isnt that how most guys are naturally anyways?

    He's HUUUUGGGGEEEEE.....For an Asian man.

    thats my arms normal ... wtf lol

      were you so surprised you said 'fuck' while laughing out loud?

    "you got tickets to the...gun show?"

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