HipHopGamer Challenges My Old Xbox 360 Doubts

Wearing a pro wrestling belt—and with the lust level of Dante's Inferno behind us (NSFW!)—I recently discussed God of War vs. Dante's, Xbox 360 '09 vs. PS3 '09 and some other stuff with the HipHopGamer.

Please note that the belt is his. We shot this a couple of weeks ago in New York City at an EA event.

Jump to about 3:40 for the start of the interview:

In the interview, the Hip Hop Gamer refers to a video post I did for my previous employer back in March. In it, I forecast that the Xbox 360 would lack many big titles for the holiday '09 season. Turns out, some of the details changed, but I was pretty much right.Stephen Totilo PS3 Lineup Much Stronger Than Xbox360 This Holiday Season []


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