How Does The DSi LL Compare To The DSi And DS Lite

Nintendo has announced a new DSi redesign, dubbed DSi LL. How does it stack up to the DSi and the DS Lite? Let's compare.

Screen Size • DSi LL: 4.2 inches • DSi: 3.2 inches • DS Lite: 3 inches

Hardware Size • DSi LL (across): 161mm • DSi (across): 137mm • DS Lite (across): 133mm

• DSi LL (front to back): 94.4mm • DSi (front to back): 74.9mm • DS Lite (front to back): 73.9mm

• DSi LL (thickness): 21.2mm • DSi (thickness): 18.9mm • DS Lite: 21.5mm

Touch Pen Size • DSi LL (short pen): 96mm DSi LL (long pen): 129.3mm • DSi: 92mm • DS Lite: 87.5mm

Weight • DSi LL (including Battery Pack, short Touch Pen): 314g • DSi (including Battery Pack, Touch Pen): 214g • DS Lite (including Battery Pack, Touch Pen, GBA Cover): 218g

Charging Time • DSi LL: 3 hours • DSi: 2 hours 30 mins. • DS Lite: 3 hours

Battery Life • DSi LL (Lowest Brightness): 13~17 hours • DSi (Lowest Brightness): 9~14 hours • DS Lite (Lowest Brightness): 15~19 hours

• DSi LL (Second Lowest Brightness): 11~14 hours • DSi (Second Lowest Brightness): 8~12 hours • DS Lite (Second Lowest Brightness): 10~15 hours

• DSi LL (Middle Brightness): 9~11 hours • DSi (Middle Brightness): 6~9 hours • DS Lite (Middle Brightness): Not setting such exists on DS Lite

• DSi LL (Second Highest Brightness): 6~8 hours • DSi (Second Highest Brightness): 4~6 hours • DS Lite (Second Highest Brightness): 7~11 hours

• DSi LL (Highest Brightness): 4~5 hours • DSi (Highest Brightness): 3~5 hours • DS Lite (Highest Brightness): 5~8 hours

Supported Software • DSi LL: Nintendo DS, DSi, DSiWare • DSi: Nintendo DS, DSi, DSiWare • DS Lite: Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance

Input Outport Slots • DSi LL: DS Card Slot, SD Memory Card Slot, AC Adaptor, Headphones, Mic • DSi: DS Card Slot, SD Memory Card Slot, AC Adaptor, Headphones, Mic • DS Lite: DS Card Slot, Game Boy Advance Slot, AC Adaptor, Headphones, Mic


    Sounds like a load of garbage to me.

    yeah cool nintendo.

    is the resolution going to be the same?

    And it comes with another $100 price increase!

    why did they make it smaller, then bigger again?

    cos they needed something to distract everyone with in March 2010 when Natal/PS3 Wand are out.

    But silly Nintendo.

    Slightly larger screens don't make the games any better.

      Nintendo are quickly becoming the Jay Jays or Supre of video gaming - a new game related item for every season of the year.

      DS Lite, DSi, WiiMotionPlus, DSiLL and so on.

    Good I wait upgrading, BUY for me!

    Slightly larger screen don't make Nintendo games any better. Not with the resolution and the quality of the games.

    It's their answer to the PSP Go. Useless, slightly crippled and holding up the actual next version of the DS.

      It's ironic isn't it? Instead of a traditional slimming of their handheld consoles, they're instead expanding it! I suppose it would be more beneficial for the DS than it would be for the PSP since more precision will be offered from the touch screen.

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