How The Wii Can Help Fight Terrorism

How The Wii Can Help Fight Terrorism

The war on terrorism can be a real hassle, just ask anyone who has flown recently. Fortunately, science and the Wii have joined forces to try and cut-down on those mammoth airport security lines with the Fidget Monitor.

CNN walks us through a number of experimental programs being tested by Homeland Security’s Future Attribute Screening Technology, or FAST.

The different systems check a person’s heart rate, breathing, eye movement, body temperature and, yes, fidgeting.

There are a number of different devices and technology involved in all of this detection, from thermal imaging to cameras used for eye tracking. But the most interesting to many of you will likely be the improvised fidgeting monitor.

Researchers took a Wii balance board — a device people stand on to interact with certain Nintendo Wii video games — and altered it to show how someone’s weight shifts. Studies are now under way to determine whether there is a level of fidgeting that would suggest the need for secondary screening.

Fortunately, the screening wouldn’t rely strictly on a person’s Wii Fit Age to determine if they’re a terrorist or not. Instead, screeners would look at all of the body signs before unjustly labelling a nervous flier a possible suicide bomber.

Will airports screen for body signals? Researchers hope so [CNN, thanks mjarantilla]


  • Fidgetting, increased heart rate, temperature changes and subtle changes in facial expressions… the characteristic marks of a terrorist.

    Or a nervous flyer.

    Or someone sick

    • I’m both a nervous flyer AND nervous I’ll get stopped by Customs and humiliated by having my luggage searched in front of everyone else. Again. I’m like 10 terrorists in one!

    • Second that, along with that guy being sick…

      Just wonder if there is going to be a program based on judging religion… then that’s going to be a worry… There is no way they can detect Jedi-ism if they constantly thinking about the force within them.

      Extreme religion… Terrorist! Wait… Extreme Jedi-ism?!? Wait… Is that Tom Cruise?!? Terrorist!

  • Oh come on what idiots, if they want to catch real terrorists they should start in the White House and the previous administration.

    Same goes with screening people using infra red cameras then proclaiming they are sick and a threat, how would you feel after carryng 3 bags across an airport and you have to run?

    Damn scare mongers.

      • How can you be sure the Afghan is the source, not some made-up scenarios which makes Afghan look to the world as the source? and I think Robert implied that the real terrorists reside in the White House and its previous admins

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