How'd That Germany "Killer Game" Trashing Rally Go? (Eh....)

Over the weekend, a German advocacy group asked individuals to bring their "killer games" to the front of an opera house to throw away in a large dumpster.

This comes in the wake of a school shooting earlier this year. The mass media drummed up links between that shooting and counter strike.

The game trashing group used a swastika in its logo, equating that with the image of a CD/DVD.

So how'd the game toss go? By the looks of the above clip, not so well. The footage is from early afternoon — perhaps all the "killer game" trashers showed up in the evening?

Thanks Rafael for the tip!


    lol. Kinda makes me happy to know that stupid initiatives like these are so widely ignored.

      Well, i understand the initiative. If i was my parents and i knew what games my son (me) was playing when he was 15, i'd have banned videogames from my household myself. Truth is that so many games are innapropriate for kids, but they are played by kids that it is hard not to associate violent behavior with the interactive violent games.

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