inFamous 2 Looking To Recast Its Cole?

Sucker Punch's PlayStation hero/anti-hero hit Infamous—are you ready for this?—may already have a sequel in the works. Hardly shocking, I know, but what might unsettle fans of the possible recasting of super-powered protagonist Cole McGrath.

Oh, he'll still be the same old Cole. He may just sound a little different, a little more like actor David Sullivan. G4's The Feed spotted Sullivan's tweet about an audition for Cole in "the sequel of Infamous" today, unofficial confirmation that part two is a go.

Sucker Punch Auditioning For inFamous 2, Possibly Recasting Main Character [G4's The Feed]


    "Hardly shocking"

    Did I just get punned?

    I don't know what the voice hating was all about. IMO Cole sounded cool

    Meh. Recasting usually happens for a good reason. They re-cast the Ratchet actor after the first Ratchet and Clank and look at how brilliant his replacement turned out to be.

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