Inferno Pool Headed To Xbox Live Arcade Next Week

The battle for pool table domination begins next week on the 360, when Dark Energy Digital's Inferno Pool hits Xbox Live Arcade.

Inferno Pool pits up to four online or local players against each other, trying to clear their pool table while their opponents fire balls at them. It's just like regular pool, only with alliances, betrayals, fire, and explosions. Truth be told, it sounds far more interesting than normal pool, through you can still play a regular game if you aren't up to the challenge.

Inferno Pool was released last year on the PlayStation Network in the UK and Europe, but has yet to hit North American or Asian PS3 consoles. Developer Dark Energy Digital has teamed up with Koch Media to deliver the game to the Xbox Live Arcade service next Wednesday, October 28th, in both North America and Asia. Go figure.

Find out more about the game at the official website, where two videos will start playing at once automatically when you load the page. Classy!

Inferno Pool Hits Xbox Live Arcade on October 28th [Evil Avatar]


    LOL. I find it funny how they're putting a lot of detail into the pool tables. I seriously have never seen a pool table look so dirty in any feral pub or persons house i've been to.

    I'm sure a few would be okay - but can't they express their detailness is some other way - perhaps not even in the game itself.

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