Insomniac Took Fan Reaction To Resistance 2 Pretty Hard

Resistance 2, Insomniac Games' follow-up to PlayStation 3 launch title Resistance: Fall of Man, reviewed better than the original sci-fi first person shooter. So why is Insomniac so bummed about reception to that game?

The developer's senior community manager James Stevenson tells Videogamer that it was the long-running fan reaction to Resistance 2 that weighed heavily on the team. Stevenson laments that "the overall opinion of it is that it was a failure by fans, that Resistance 2 was a failure, because maybe the expectations were so high for it."

Stevenson bemoaned that negative fan feedback to Resistance 2's design choices was "like your dog turned on you".

Personally, I wasn't as big of a fan of the second Resistance as I was the first, even in light of the ample multiplayer component that Insomniac added to the game. Fortunately, for Stevenson's mental health, I was probably lower on the rabid fan totem than the rest of the community.

Insomniac Games' newest title, Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time, releases next week. Early reviews, from the critics at least, seem to be pretty positive.

Insomniac: Fans believe Resistance 2 'was a failure' [Videogamer]


    well resistance 1 blew me away!!!

    aww poor insomniac, love them since i was a kid.

    Oi also not related, but s oyou put it on the bargain hunter thread thingy.

    Borderlands in Big W for 88$ au

    Wow, that's harsh, thought it was a great game. Though I guess fanboys/girls can be that way. I know I am with my fan titles. It's good to know they care though and hopefully the fan base can see that Insomniac acknowledge the fact. So many other developers are complete pricks to their fan base *cough* infinity ward *cough* activision *cough*.

    R2 was still fun, it just lost something along the way

    they shouldve spaced out the release more with killzone2? As soon as killzone 2 came out ppl started comparing with with resistance 2, kinda unfair but the comment stands

    I thought R2 was actually better than R1.

    i actually liked Resistance 2 better than Resistance 1

    I wasn't a fan of R1. Decided to give R2 a go when I saw it 1/2 price in the EB midyear sale. Thank God for their 7 day return policy, so it didn't cost me anything in the end :P Just not a fan, sorry.

    But I'm sure comparing their loyal fanbase to their dog will help the relationship somehow...?

    "Stevenson bemoaned that negative fan feedback to Resistance 2’s design choices was “like your dog turned on you.”"

    maybe stop metaphorically referring to your fans as dogs?

    R2 was an inprovement over the first but I found both of them to be rather lack luster, nothing about either of them ever really grabbed me.

    being a pc gamer R1 dissapointed me .. and put me to sleep at the same time .. I think the longest play session I had was about 2 hours with multiplayer.

    I only liked the bits with squadmates and the leviathon. I think it was absolutely stupid they put in that disk blade gun. It totally doesnt suit the universe the game is in and why would the humans make it. I understand they develop ratchet and clank too but...what the hell, it was rediculous!

    As much as think it is good for developers to get feedback and listen to their fans for creating sequels I gotta admit that I find running around on developer forums telling them how to do their job a bit high and mighty, in fact I'm sure some fans were probably as rabid as 'dogs' and if you cant give constructive criticism then you have no right to be listened to as a fan.

    I haven't played resistance 1 or 2 yet but I trust insomniac and as far as I'm concerned the reviews don't lie, your games just get better as they sequel along.

    When you make a great title, stop there. Expectations run too high.


      Not sure about that.... Look at the uncharted series....

    ...okay, I've been a 360 guy since launch, got my PS3 about halfway through 2008... in all genuineness and honesty, the Resistance games are some of the worst big release FPS games I've ever played. I didn't finish either of them, just because they annoyed me so much. They were SO linear... and I don't mean linear as in not free roaming, I mean linear as in there are so many situations that can only be dealt with in one way. It was like trial and error gameplay, and that's just not good enough. It was like you do something, die, then go back through five seconds later and dodge the guy, or shoot the mine or blahblahblah... and the whole game consisted of that situation over and over again... just all in all they were both really annoying and uninspired games.

    I'm a Resistance fan and I though 2 was pretty good. Resistance isn't going to change the world any time soon but the series provides endless entertainment for me. Sure it's linear but sometimes linear is good. The thing they MUST keep is those Henry Stillman radio broadcasts from 2. Those neat little touches are what makes the series such a delight to play.

    i have both consoles and have to say i didnt enjoy either of these games.they just felt generic and dull.the sony pad didnt do me any favours.i love my ps3 and xbox the same but resistance taught me to stick with buying fps on the xbox

    Removed co-op = crap. Was returned immediately.

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