Interactive iPhone Game Gets...Book Deal

Well, the "game" is an interactive audio adventure, so don't be too surprised.

Simon & Schuster imprint Atria Books has inked a three-book deal with Realtime Associates' F.J. Lennon for a series of novels based on his iPhone title Soul Trapper: Episode 1.

In the three-hour game, reports game site GameSetWatch, players are a drifter who carries an Soul Trap device to trap, interrogate and free ghosts across Los Angeles via Choose Your Own Adventure-style play.

Soul Trapper sold around 25,000 copies since its release last fall. Talent agency CAA has even been pitching a Soul Trapper script to the major studios — it's apparently a "darker, edgier Ghostbusters". So... it's not funny?

Soul Trapper [Publishers Weekly via GameSetWatch]


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