Is This Square Enix's Last PS2 Game?

Final Fantasy XI: Vana'diel Collection 2 is getting released in Japan on three platforms (Xbox 360, PC and PS2), but it will only be out on the Xbox 360 and PC in North America.

According to game site Siliconera, this is Square Enix's last PS2 title.

As the PS3 picks up more steam, the PS2 era is slowing drawing to a close. The PlayStation 2 has had an incredible run — kinda sad to see it gradually end!

We are following up with Square Enix for confirmation.

Square Enix's Final PlayStation 2 Game // Siliconera [Siliconera]


    Ah, the ps2, so many games i would love to own, maybe oneday when i finish uni and have a steady income.

    Its ashame to see it go

    another proof the SquareEnix is getting incentive to develope for Xbox360 only... thanks to the undisclosed amount from MS

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