Is Uncharted PSP Bound?

Is Uncharted PSP Bound?

We’ve already heard that the Uncharted 2 isn’t the end of hero Nathan Drake, that he is “going to have a lot of adventures”. Some of those adventures might even be on the PSP.

Nothing’s official by any means, but Naughty Dog’s Evan Wells says in an interview with website Examiner, “We’d love to see Uncharted grow beyond the PS3. It would be interesting to see what sort of changes to the design one would make for a portable system. But right now Naughty Dog is purely focused on PS3 development so we can’t promise anything from us in the near future.”

What Naughty Dog does promise is another Uncharted on this generation of home console PS3 hardware.

Naughty Dog talks Uncharted 2, Uncharted PSP, and Jak and Daxter PS3 in exclusive interview [Examiner Thanks, Lorand!]


  • Highly unlikely, given the games needs in the consoles calibre. But if considered it’ll be along the lines of Killzone Liberation.

    • Well no PSP port of a game whether its a recreation or a totally different story is by no means exactly the same as a console version. It’s expected in handheld consoles.

      But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. I mean in a marketing perspective, it would be a great decision to create a PSP version. Sony would be stupid not to do it – so i believe it is highly likely.

      Resistance & Killzone both have their own PSP ports and they are probably the biggest FPS on the Playstation. Although Uncharted isn’t really a big blockbuster game – it’s really one of few games that is A) Critically acclaimed and B) Sells well from a PS3’s perspective. So get to work Sony.

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