It's Goal Time In Free Realms

Those soccer fields sprinkled about Sony Online Entertainment's Free Realms now has a purpose, 3-on-3 footy matches and 20 levels worth of Soccer Stardom now available.

Soccer comes to Free Realms in a big way with today's Goal Time update, which unlocks the various playing fields scattered across the land, allowing players to begin progressing in the Soccer Star job class. The update brings 20 new quests for the soccer aficionado, with new gear and equipment aimed at making the best of your footy career. Special skills and powerups will grant you an advantage on the playing field, as you test your skills against several AI teams or go 3-on-3 with a group of friends.

The Soccer Star job is available to free players up to level five, with paying customers able to take their skills all the way up to the level 20 cap.


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