Japan Console War Sees PS3 Sales Slim, Wii Sales Bottom Out

This week's Media Create hardware sales numbers are in, with the Nintendo DSi retaining its top spot on the charts, thanks to continued sales of Tomodachi Collection and the latest Pokemon re-releases.

Less stellar were this week's Wii sales, which sunk to below 12,000 units for the week ending September 27. The dip in Wii sales is likely due in part to the announced price drop the Nintendo announced during the Tokyo Game Show, a cut that didn't go into effect until October 1. Speaking of price drops, how's that cheaper PS3 holding up?

Not too shabby, even if sales of Sony's console are down from the week prior. But with the exception of the Nintendo DS Lite, everyone was down following a week of slow releases.

Check back next week to see the impact of that cheaper Wii. And keep an eye out near the end of the month when the PlayStation 3 gets Bayonetta and Tekken 6 while the Wii gets Super Robot Taisen NEO and Sin & Punishment 2.

  • Nintendo DSi - 63,342
  • PlayStation 3 - 39,960
  • PSP - 17,334
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 15,057
  • Wii - 11,731
  • Xbox 360 - 4,854
  • PlayStation 2 - 2,347


    the wii may beat the PS3 in sales... but it wont do anything like the PS3 Slim launch.

    I mean nearly everyone has a Wii in Japan so of corse sales are slowing down anyway. The only people left to buy a Wii in Japan is those who dont even play games really.

    I think the only major growth the Wii is going to receive from now on is a price drop like this or big bundles with stuff like MotionPlus & Resort with the new Wii Fit and stuff.

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