Japanese Retail Employee Says Xbox 360 Having Rough Time

Xbox Japan has never had an easy time in The Land of the Rising Sun. Last year, with titles like Tales of Vesperia, the company saw some bright spots. This year has been somewhat grim.

Even with the recent Xbox 360 price, Microsoft only moved a little over 4,000 consoles in the most recent sales tally.

According to a Japanese game shop employee's personal blog, the individual thought that Microsoft had some big titles to show at this year's Tokyo Game Show. "But all in all, there was nothing," the retail blogger writes. Sure, there is Forza 3, but that game has already been announced.

"This year, the big, eagerly anticipated titles are Final Fantasy XIII on the PS3, New Super Mario Bros. on the Wii and Zelda, on the 360, there's not much of anything."

(Note: Not sure why Zelda is mentioned here — it could simply be an error or a reference to upcoming Zelda Nintendo DS title Spirit Tracks.)

"It might be very hard to change the domestic trend," the clerk says. "I really feel that it's too late in Japan which seems to be bailing."

The clerk wraps up his post, saying that perhaps from now on the Xbox 360 might have a shrinking presence in retail shops.

XBOX360の現状はかなり厳しいと思います。 [ゲーム屋さんのお店だより via jin][Pic]


    Of corse its going to take time. The good thing is, it has outdone the original Xbox in a shorter time as far as i'm aware.

    But if you look at from this view: Nintendo is gold in Japan. No matter what they release, the Japanese go nuts for it. You could say the same thing for Playstation, but not to the degree of the Playstation.

    However, the Xbox is pretty much like the PS3. So the Wii is going to be even more popular cause its cheaper price and motion control. Then the Jap's will most likely look at the Xbox as a second Playstation - but they stick with a product they purchased twice before the original Xbox was even released.

    One could say, well how come its not like that else where. Well there isn't really an answer for that - but i would suggest, perhaps with MS being an American company, the US and places like the UK and here in Australia we are more aware of it. Then again its not like Windows isn't popular in Japan.

    But you can also look at the Xbox as having a big degree of success thanks to Halo which is a FPS which isn't a genre thats widely popular in Japan and Fable, which is Xbox's flagship RPG isn't a RPG that the Japs necessarily like to play compared to their JPRG.

      As you said, American console, American games.

      If Sony or Nintendo released a working, stable, fast PC operating system, the Japanese would probably go nuts for that as well lol.

        Hell, if MICROSOFT did that, I think we'd all go nuts.

    wtf YOU CANT SAY JAPS!!!!

    but on a serious note (dont care about 'japs' but i know wapanese would/do... idk some kind of reference to pre-WWII Japan? obviously some people prefer to ignore that part of Japanese history), the 360 in general isn't having any major releases, esp in terms of Japanese popularity.

    lets face it, ToV gets a MUCH better edition on the PS3 and so does Star Ocean... over 50% of 360s RROD... the Japanese aren't going to be trusting the 360 any time soon, and the West is also starting to lose trust quickly as well. MS is losing the battle, the high fail rate of the 360 isn't going to go down well with the casual uses and they will find out if MS do actually true and market Natal to them (since they will fail anyway since Nintendo has already taken that 'Ocean').

    I have in problem admitting that MS is going to hit some hard times ahead, because for all I care... they deserve it. Sony was stupid, but not cheap. MS was cheap, but not completely stupid (even though they are looking like the fools now).

    Just goes to show that who ever stated that the Japanese gaming market is a over-view of world gaming market was correct.

    I personally hope MS fail completely. They are not good for gaming advancement. Their products have the highest fail rates, they over-charge for little addon (monopolise their addons), they purposely choose old technologies (even the GC used Bluetooth), and in general don't advance gaming AT ALL (and no, achievements DON'T count, for the most part, achievements have been a cancer for gaming).

    R.I.P. XBOX. I hope you die.

    Microsoft does more damage against gaming then it does good.

      You are a goddamn idiot. The word "Jap" is from World War 2, not prior to it and it is a racial slur. You may be thinking of the word "Nip", which is a reference to the Japanese word for their own country being Nippon. Therefore they were called Nipponese and the racial slur came from that. That is why it is offensive. It has nothing to do with "Wapanese".

      Now lets get onto why the rest of your post is also directly from your anus.

      360 has had several popular releases in Japan, the latest being the Idolmaster. It certainly isn't selling like crazy, but it there are definitely Japanese popular releases on it.

      The Star Ocean and ToV releases have more content, fine. However, 50% failure rate is complete bullshit. You also speak of the failure rate as if it were still an issue. It isn't and hasn't been for probably almost 2 years now.

      The reason why Microsoft consoles are not popular in Japan is partially due to the fact that yes, many of the games are designed with a western audience in mind. But more importantly, the Japanese have very specific, brand oriented buying habits. They have been buying from Nintendo and Sony for many, many years and culturally they simply don't link Windows to Xbox. If it were linked more often in the market, it migth really boost sales. The lack of confidence isn't from your imagined constant explosions of Xbox systems worldwide, it's from a lack of brand recognition and strong brand loyalty to the competitors.

      The Japanese gaming market is an overview of the world market? Are you blind as well as stupid? The 360 has consistently outsold the PS3 in all regions except Japan. A vast chunk of Japanese game sales are genres that are either highly unpopular or completel non-existent in Western markets. Shooter games are incredibly unpopular. 200 hour obsessive collectathons, minigame collections, remakes and study software for DS sell like crazy and the gaming demographics are miles apart from the west.

      Sony has just as many ridiculously overpriced addons for their products, all over their range and they also monopolise peripherals. Sony purposely choose to try to monopolise media formats to the detriment of the consumer and the GC did not use blue tooth.

      When will this fanboy bullshit stop? You are clearly a card carrying member of the Sony Defence Force. Just stop posting. We currently have 6 popular gaming platforms available to us and each of them has strengths and weaknesses. Each is worth looking at and if you want to point the finger at one company being an evil empire, then point at all of them.

      By checking your work, I hope you mean actually knowing whatever the hell you are talking about and not spelling. I can handle a typo. I cannot handle idiots spewing moronic shit.

    isn’t going to go down well with the casual users*

    out if MS do actually try* and market Natal to them

    I have no* problem admitting

    ... should really check my work more effectively...

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