J!NX Aion Shirts Give You Wings

World of Warcraft clothing creators J!NX has been spreading its wings lately, introducing the first in a new line of t-shirts for NCsoft's recently-launched Aion.

The J!NX Aion line follows the company's recent journeys into the universe of EVE Online, and while those shirts are certainly attractive enough, they make me think of mining ore and falling asleep at my desk. The Aion shirts, on the other hand, make me want to give up my habit of wearing a button-up shirt over a t-shirt in order to show off my plumage. I have always wanted plumage.

Check out the full J!NX Aion line at the company's website, and be sure to check out the Dungeons & Dragons page as well, because there is nothing as beautiful as a t-shirt that says "Rock Me Asmodeus".


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