Junglist Axed In Good Game Reshuffle

The ABC today unveiled a new co-host of Good Game TV and a second show for 2010 called Good Game: Spawn Point. But original host Junglist has already made his final appearance on the show.

From Monday, Bajo will be joined by Stephanie Bendixsen, or Hex as she'll be known on the show. Meanwhile, Junglist takes a back seat in an off-camera reviewing position.

Here's how the ABC describes Hex:

"Born to non gaming parents who had a strict “no console” policy in the family home, Hex was forced to take up an outdoors hobby, bike riding... straight around the corner to the neighbours and their Sega Megadrive.

In her teenage years Hex discovered Lensmoor a Multi User Dungeon (MUD) game that is completely text based and looked to her unsuspecting parents just like her homework. When her habit of swapping sleep for gaming caught up with her she was sent off to see a counsellor to attempt to cure her of her gaming obsession possibly making her the only Aussie Gamer to be treated before ever actually owning a game."

From February next year, Good Game: Spawn Point will launch on ABC3 alongside the regular Good Game on ABC2. Also hosted by Bajo and Hex, Spawn Point is aimed at a younger audience and won't cover MA15+ games. However it will be made by the same team and the ABC is conscious of not "dumbing it down."


    YES! OMG! I never thought i would see this day. He was the worst host with the most annoying voice i have ever heard. He also would say things that would make instances of the show really awkward.

    Good work abc.

      Just because he's American, isn't it? ISN'T IT?!

        He was American?
        Well, shit. Now I hate him.

        Junglist is Ozzie he just spent a lot of the years in the US. I know because I know him personally.

        GoodGame has gone to shit why fire Junglist he was the best out of the 3 as he is a Competitive player not just a casual player.


      HE WAS THE MOST EPIC HOST HOW DARE YOU SAY HE WAS BAD, join the +1 petition to try and stop him being axed http://www2b.abc.net.au/tmb/Client/Message.aspx?b=59&t=84&a=0&ps=20&dm=1&pd=1&p=6&p2=0&m=281374&ac=1&acp=282457&h=1894663628

      And you're saying Bajo wouldn't say things that were completely awkward? Your argument is flawed.

    lame, wheres game damage ?

    NOOOOO! This is terrible news! Junglist makes gg as far as I am concerned. A sad day for Aussie gamers.


    Sad face......

    Jung was the anchor of the show. He knew his shit and was pretty plain-spoken about his views on things.

    Bajo seemed over the last few eps to be creeping more and more into the spotlight, with "wacky", "funny" sketch pieces, trading more off forced goofiness than actually presenting gaming news and views. Jung was what kept me watching past these lame segments.

    It's a shame, it found its feet for a while there but has rapidly descended into a farce. The addition of the other girl's "current affair" styled articles" was rather a let down too. They too seemed forced, either rehashing already done to death issues, or trying to make issues of things that really needn't be. A frivolous time-filler, and a way to give the show a female presence...which was ultimately used badly.

    I'll give the new presenter an episode or two, but from what I'm seeing, it's not looking good.

      It's for these reasons that I don't watch it on TV. If you treat it as a podcast it's right up there with the best of them. I know it's the same content, but if you're in the mindset of watching a podcast you become more forgiving.

      Yeah, can't stand that current affairs girl. WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?

        lol, screw the haters Tracey. It is hard to compete with games themselves and I think you do all right. Your questions are well formed and try to cover new ground without re-hashing exactly what we read every day on blogs.

        tee hee.

        Oh I don't know. I think she does a damned good job. :)

        On a serious note I do consider this a shame.

        I always loved the Bajo/Junglist double act and will definitely miss this aspect of the show.

        LOL xD

        Why all the Rei hate these days I'll never understand =P

        That being said a shame to see Jung leave the on air crew =( But oh well people move on and so forth as they say.

        Cheers and good luck to the new host =D

        On a side note.. lawlz at the all to obvious "ONOZ! female host" rubbish & I quit! Coz show is now made of fail! replies I've seen so far xD Some people just take these shows far too seriously... a lil slapstick doesn't hurt anyone I say =P

        got him good!!
        i think ur reports are pretty good.
        i think its helped GG to mature in general and is just a solid addition.

    bring on game damage

    Noooooooooooooooooo! Not Jung! ...that is sad, why is he leaving? ...Hex better be good... this is gonna be awful, I almost don't want to watch it. Imagine a girl gamer reviewing games... chicks are always coming up with stupid reasons why they like or don't like games e.g. when my girlfriend (now ex of course, har har har)... wanted to play something, we went through about ten different games in ten minutes, all of which got an excuse within the first thirty seconds... LittleBigPlanet was too childish, GTAIV was too violent, Gears of War had too many swear words, Cod4 was too difficult, Uncharted was too unrealistic... (fucking search me...) Not being sexist, but Jesus Christ, girls suck at games xD *totally* a different mindset than males when it comes to gaming...

      Dude you've gotta be kidding. People are quoting your post for the definition of sexist. Come back when you have an level-headed point of view. On topic however, this could be a good thing, personally I think Bajo and Junglist are a little weak as they are, and are very hit and miss. I enjoy the stories they cover, but as hosts I feel very lukewarm. So hopefully Hex will bring something cool to the table.

      This is just retarded. I've know quite a few girls who game competitively, are ranking members of clans, are sponsored, and who get paid to play. Plus, PixelVixen707 is among plenty of women who's reviews are spot on and respected on the net.
      Incidentally, a different mindset doesn't make it wrong. Get your head out of your arse. If you're going to spout nonsense, at least back it up with something. If not, shut your clown hole.

      Wow that's great. Let me try it...

      Not being sexist, but all guys are football yobs.

      Not being racist, but all asians can't drive.

      Not being sexist, but all women make me feel uncomfortable sexually and I find them difficult to relate to because I put them on a pedastool rather than just treating them like another person.

      Damn, I'm no good at this. I'd best leave it to the masters.

        You guys are poofs.

        *frownie face*

        I've met a lot of girls... I have easily more female friends than male friends. (inb4 Freud joke)... But I've never met a chick with a) a genuine taste in music, b) any legit reasons to like or dislike a movie, annnnnd c) any bona fide interest in gaming.

        Not sexist, and not to say "hurrr, get back to the kitchen, women are no good at anything!" ...but when it comes to games, movies and nerdy technical (to them) stuff, that's the impression I get continually. For example, I hear a lot of girls just repeat things they've overheard someone else say, and decide they like a band based on that... or go buy a book or watch a TV show, then repeat the same thing someone else said about it... or say it's good *because* the Green Guide or Margaret and David gave it a good review or something... not because they enjoy it, but because they want to give the impression that they do... and yeah, some dudes do exactly the same thing, but it's mostly chicks.

        Just trying to make a point, fuck me, if you're going to deny that women think differently, you're the one that doesn't know how to talk to them.

          "But I’ve never met a chick with a) a genuine taste in music, b) any legit reasons to like or dislike a movie, annnnnd c) any bona fide interest in gaming."

          Sorry, but that is some misogynistic bullshit right there. You think girls are all robots or something?

          Or maybe you're just going after the wrong ones.

            No, I think those things are just more suited to the male psyche.

              I think people are just trying to let you know that your life experience is too limited to have any valid opinion. Best just leave this be and focus on some personal growth.

              Seriously, that's your reasoning? Women think differently in such a way that makes them incapable of playing videogames or liking good movies and music? That is some seriously old-school misogyny right there.

              it takes a male psyche to appreciate music and movies?

              it certainly takes a male psyche to tell himself he's that damn important.

              keep digging that hole you muppet :P

              Whether or not anybody is debating that men and women think differently, it's a large (and, quite frankly, absurd) assertion that therefore they are incapable of forming their own legitimate opinions. Which is basically what you've just stated above.
              Fair enough, this might be your own personal experience with women, but such broad sweeping statements as you've made only serve to make you look like an idiot to everybody who actually DOES know women that are proper 'hardcore' gamers, let alone the women themselves.
              If you're going to make broad generalisations based on gender, don't be surprised when people call you on them.

                Good god, are you guys so addled by political correctness that you can't accept that I made one tiny generalisation about women? I wasn't saying "oh, lol, girls can't do video games", I'm saying most teenage girls will do anything to validate themselves... it's perfectly socially acceptable for a woman to say "all men are pigs" it's such an over used cliche that you don't batter an eyelid... but when I go the other way... the internet toughguy alarm bell rings, and you're all over me.

                You've got a real "garbage in garbage out" argument going on here... I give a reason based off my experience, and you just say I have no life experience? Derp, where's that argument going to end up? It's like you know me or something... I'm 100% happy to be proven wrong, but most of the chicks I know, (and I know a lot of them) aren't doing a good job of making me think that they game for the same reasons I do.

                This doesn't boil down to "girls can do anything boys can"... All I did was generalise it to females... fuck a doodle shit, sue me. If it was a dude, and I criticised him, you wouldn't think twice about it ...and if it was an unattractive girl taking Jung's place, you'd be agreeing with me. So don't call me sexist.

                  We're not calling you a Mysogynistic pig

                  We're just pointing out that the girls you tend to hang around/you're attracted to are the ones that can't enjoy good music/movie/games

                  In other words, you seem to be attracted to/surrounded by dumb blondes

      Unfortunately the atmosphere of a gaming den, where you could go with you mate is being corroded by marketing, political correctness and always needing to "move forward". I loved the early episodes where they showed you how to build your own gaming rig, and overclock CPUs. Haven't seen that in over 2 seasons. It's not at ALL aimed at hardcore gamers anymore.
      So SOME girls play games now. Great, bring it on. The majority are still guys who aren't really all that interested in what gaming art is around and how girls can get a job in the industry.
      Tracey did a great job of delivering articles that I wasn't all that interested in. I don't watch Better Homes and Gardens, because I'm not interested in it. If GG moves further away from games and into wacky skits, articles about sex and gaming (not gender) then I'll probably move on too.

      Girls are shit at games? You tell that to all of the hardcore male gamers me and other chicks I know who've pwned them into the dirt. -_-

      I was talking to someone the other day ... WHO HAPPENED TO BE AN AWESOME GIRL GAMER ... and we were talking about how devs are trying to dumb down video games to accommodate more casual gameplay and make it mainstream. It's noticeable ... older games seem to have more fulfilling and harder gameplay than the newer ones.
      I'm pretty sure this is what the ABC is trying to do ... now with a hardcore gamers show!

      But whatever ... at least have the 3 of them on there ... just for that perfect mixture, or have her on the children's one and keep Jung on the regular one.
      Whatever ... who cares what they do just DO NOT get rid of Jung!

    (Googles and finds http://www.myspace.com/hexsteph)
    This will be interesting.

      No.... I hate her.

        Seriously, did you get teased by all the pretty girls at school or something?

      very intersting...
      damn hottie-a-hoy-hoy

      lolololol! you horny nerds crashed her Myspace page!

      Stop fappin!

      Ahahaha now I'm not so shocked that they're changing hosts. Shallow ABC, shallow!

    A sad day indeed. I like Bajo, but junglist's reviews were without a doubt better.

    Hopefully he was changed amicably.

    I liked Junglist - I thought he was a good ballance to Bajo's over the top crazyness (which I also enjoy).

    I had started to miss an episode of this show here or there. Now, even more so.

    Junglist seemed, more so than Bajo, to know his stuff and was genuinely interested in each game/event he was talking about. Bajo seems to be skewing more towards wacky comic relief which got pretty repetitive. If that's the goofy style that Good Game will favour from now on - no thanks.

    Jung, if you're reading this, don't disappear. Start something of your own. Be it blog/website or something. You seem to have your head screwed on right and God knows, the Australian gaming community/industry needs more of that at the moment.

      ^^^ Exactly what I think.
      I really found a lot of Bajo's jokes to be really awkward and forced. If Bajo's style doesn't change, then Hex better bring a lot to table outside of gender...
      (Funnily enough, I'm pretty sure I'd take the appointment of Hex as having nothing to do with gender if they didn't axe who I feel was by far the stronger of the two current hosts)

    They're making a kid's version? What was it before?

    this is shit

    On the bright side, some quick googling has revealed that she is HAWT


      Yep, best looking clown I've ever seen.

    Boycott till they bring him back!

    Good on ya Jung, all the best with future ventures man. Talk to ya soon :)

    her parents suck. if i was her i would disown them as parents and change my last name.

    Damn... bit of a surprise too, Jung and Bajo make a good team and I look forward to their banter each week. Ah well, we'll see what happens now I guess.

    Which is jungilist and which is Bajo I laways get them mixed up like Chris and Craig ffrom the Chaser

    disappointing, but it's good to see they're actively trying to move the show forwards.

    They had to axe one of the guys otherwise they cant fit a super edgy girl gamer, THATS RIGHT FRIEND, A GIRL GAMER! Shes into everything you're into, do you like the show yet? How about we make her do some skits in a short skirt and tell you the cake is a lie, will you watch now YOU BET YOUR ASS YOU WILL.

      What? A gurl on the interwebs? Doesn't exist! Can't be real!

      Pretty much this. :/

      Was thinking the same thing. Thought the world would implode the moment guy gamers didn't get an instant erection the moment a girl gamer was mentioned.

      They already tried and failed to do this with Lux.

    This is pretty ridiculous. Junglist was the only "gamer" on the program.

    I'm out.

      Junglist IS the only gamer on the show! A pioneer for Pro-gaming Australia. I will not accept this, up with this i WILL NOT put. Its my ABC, DAMMIT!

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