Junglist Axed In Good Game Reshuffle

Junglist Axed In Good Game Reshuffle

The ABC today unveiled a new co-host of Good Game TV and a second show for 2010 called Good Game: Spawn Point. But original host Junglist has already made his final appearance on the show.

From Monday, Bajo will be joined by Stephanie Bendixsen, or Hex as she’ll be known on the show. Meanwhile, Junglist takes a back seat in an off-camera reviewing position.

Here’s how the ABC describes Hex:

“Born to non gaming parents who had a strict “no console” policy in the family home, Hex was forced to take up an outdoors hobby, bike riding… straight around the corner to the neighbours and their Sega Megadrive.

In her teenage years Hex discovered Lensmoor a Multi User Dungeon (MUD) game that is completely text based and looked to her unsuspecting parents just like her homework. When her habit of swapping sleep for gaming caught up with her she was sent off to see a counsellor to attempt to cure her of her gaming obsession possibly making her the only Aussie Gamer to be treated before ever actually owning a game.”

From February next year, Good Game: Spawn Point will launch on ABC3 alongside the regular Good Game on ABC2. Also hosted by Bajo and Hex, Spawn Point is aimed at a younger audience and won’t cover MA15+ games. However it will be made by the same team and the ABC is conscious of not “dumbing it down.”


  • YES! OMG! I never thought i would see this day. He was the worst host with the most annoying voice i have ever heard. He also would say things that would make instances of the show really awkward.

    Good work abc.

  • Jung was the anchor of the show. He knew his shit and was pretty plain-spoken about his views on things.

    Bajo seemed over the last few eps to be creeping more and more into the spotlight, with “wacky”, “funny” sketch pieces, trading more off forced goofiness than actually presenting gaming news and views. Jung was what kept me watching past these lame segments.

    It’s a shame, it found its feet for a while there but has rapidly descended into a farce. The addition of the other girl’s “current affair” styled articles” was rather a let down too. They too seemed forced, either rehashing already done to death issues, or trying to make issues of things that really needn’t be. A frivolous time-filler, and a way to give the show a female presence…which was ultimately used badly.

    I’ll give the new presenter an episode or two, but from what I’m seeing, it’s not looking good.

    • It’s for these reasons that I don’t watch it on TV. If you treat it as a podcast it’s right up there with the best of them. I know it’s the same content, but if you’re in the mindset of watching a podcast you become more forgiving.

      • lol, screw the haters Tracey. It is hard to compete with games themselves and I think you do all right. Your questions are well formed and try to cover new ground without re-hashing exactly what we read every day on blogs.

      • Oh I don’t know. I think she does a damned good job. 🙂

        On a serious note I do consider this a shame.

        I always loved the Bajo/Junglist double act and will definitely miss this aspect of the show.

      • LOL xD

        Why all the Rei hate these days I’ll never understand =P

        That being said a shame to see Jung leave the on air crew =( But oh well people move on and so forth as they say.

        Cheers and good luck to the new host =D

        On a side note.. lawlz at the all to obvious “ONOZ! female host” rubbish & I quit! Coz show is now made of fail! replies I’ve seen so far xD Some people just take these shows far too seriously… a lil slapstick doesn’t hurt anyone I say =P

      • got him good!!
        i think ur reports are pretty good.
        i think its helped GG to mature in general and is just a solid addition.

  • Noooooooooooooooooo! Not Jung! …that is sad, why is he leaving? …Hex better be good… this is gonna be awful, I almost don’t want to watch it. Imagine a girl gamer reviewing games… chicks are always coming up with stupid reasons why they like or don’t like games e.g. when my girlfriend (now ex of course, har har har)… wanted to play something, we went through about ten different games in ten minutes, all of which got an excuse within the first thirty seconds… LittleBigPlanet was too childish, GTAIV was too violent, Gears of War had too many swear words, Cod4 was too difficult, Uncharted was too unrealistic… (fucking search me…) Not being sexist, but Jesus Christ, girls suck at games xD *totally* a different mindset than males when it comes to gaming…

    • Dude you’ve gotta be kidding. People are quoting your post for the definition of sexist. Come back when you have an level-headed point of view. On topic however, this could be a good thing, personally I think Bajo and Junglist are a little weak as they are, and are very hit and miss. I enjoy the stories they cover, but as hosts I feel very lukewarm. So hopefully Hex will bring something cool to the table.

    • This is just retarded. I’ve know quite a few girls who game competitively, are ranking members of clans, are sponsored, and who get paid to play. Plus, PixelVixen707 is among plenty of women who’s reviews are spot on and respected on the net.
      Incidentally, a different mindset doesn’t make it wrong. Get your head out of your arse. If you’re going to spout nonsense, at least back it up with something. If not, shut your clown hole.

    • Wow that’s great. Let me try it…

      Not being sexist, but all guys are football yobs.

      Not being racist, but all asians can’t drive.

      Not being sexist, but all women make me feel uncomfortable sexually and I find them difficult to relate to because I put them on a pedastool rather than just treating them like another person.

      Damn, I’m no good at this. I’d best leave it to the masters.

      • You guys are poofs.

        *frownie face*

        I’ve met a lot of girls… I have easily more female friends than male friends. (inb4 Freud joke)… But I’ve never met a chick with a) a genuine taste in music, b) any legit reasons to like or dislike a movie, annnnnd c) any bona fide interest in gaming.

        Not sexist, and not to say “hurrr, get back to the kitchen, women are no good at anything!” …but when it comes to games, movies and nerdy technical (to them) stuff, that’s the impression I get continually. For example, I hear a lot of girls just repeat things they’ve overheard someone else say, and decide they like a band based on that… or go buy a book or watch a TV show, then repeat the same thing someone else said about it… or say it’s good *because* the Green Guide or Margaret and David gave it a good review or something… not because they enjoy it, but because they want to give the impression that they do… and yeah, some dudes do exactly the same thing, but it’s mostly chicks.

        Just trying to make a point, fuck me, if you’re going to deny that women think differently, you’re the one that doesn’t know how to talk to them.

        • “But I’ve never met a chick with a) a genuine taste in music, b) any legit reasons to like or dislike a movie, annnnnd c) any bona fide interest in gaming.”

          Sorry, but that is some misogynistic bullshit right there. You think girls are all robots or something?

          Or maybe you’re just going after the wrong ones.

          • I think people are just trying to let you know that your life experience is too limited to have any valid opinion. Best just leave this be and focus on some personal growth.

          • Seriously, that’s your reasoning? Women think differently in such a way that makes them incapable of playing videogames or liking good movies and music? That is some seriously old-school misogyny right there.

          • it takes a male psyche to appreciate music and movies?

            it certainly takes a male psyche to tell himself he’s that damn important.

            keep digging that hole you muppet 😛

          • Whether or not anybody is debating that men and women think differently, it’s a large (and, quite frankly, absurd) assertion that therefore they are incapable of forming their own legitimate opinions. Which is basically what you’ve just stated above.
            Fair enough, this might be your own personal experience with women, but such broad sweeping statements as you’ve made only serve to make you look like an idiot to everybody who actually DOES know women that are proper ‘hardcore’ gamers, let alone the women themselves.
            If you’re going to make broad generalisations based on gender, don’t be surprised when people call you on them.

          • Good god, are you guys so addled by political correctness that you can’t accept that I made one tiny generalisation about women? I wasn’t saying “oh, lol, girls can’t do video games”, I’m saying most teenage girls will do anything to validate themselves… it’s perfectly socially acceptable for a woman to say “all men are pigs” it’s such an over used cliche that you don’t batter an eyelid… but when I go the other way… the internet toughguy alarm bell rings, and you’re all over me.

            You’ve got a real “garbage in garbage out” argument going on here… I give a reason based off my experience, and you just say I have no life experience? Derp, where’s that argument going to end up? It’s like you know me or something… I’m 100% happy to be proven wrong, but most of the chicks I know, (and I know a lot of them) aren’t doing a good job of making me think that they game for the same reasons I do.

            This doesn’t boil down to “girls can do anything boys can”… All I did was generalise it to females… fuck a doodle shit, sue me. If it was a dude, and I criticised him, you wouldn’t think twice about it …and if it was an unattractive girl taking Jung’s place, you’d be agreeing with me. So don’t call me sexist.

          • We’re not calling you a Mysogynistic pig

            We’re just pointing out that the girls you tend to hang around/you’re attracted to are the ones that can’t enjoy good music/movie/games

            In other words, you seem to be attracted to/surrounded by dumb blondes

          • Isn’t it sexist to drop someone just for being male to bring a female in the first place?

            Ie. Ignoring their talent and contribution just because they are male?

          • Sensational. The awkward teenager who has never talked to a girl just got owned for trying to act like he knows everything about women.

    • Unfortunately the atmosphere of a gaming den, where you could go with you mate is being corroded by marketing, political correctness and always needing to “move forward”. I loved the early episodes where they showed you how to build your own gaming rig, and overclock CPUs. Haven’t seen that in over 2 seasons. It’s not at ALL aimed at hardcore gamers anymore.
      So SOME girls play games now. Great, bring it on. The majority are still guys who aren’t really all that interested in what gaming art is around and how girls can get a job in the industry.
      Tracey did a great job of delivering articles that I wasn’t all that interested in. I don’t watch Better Homes and Gardens, because I’m not interested in it. If GG moves further away from games and into wacky skits, articles about sex and gaming (not gender) then I’ll probably move on too.

    • Girls are shit at games? You tell that to all of the hardcore male gamers me and other chicks I know who’ve pwned them into the dirt. -_-

      I was talking to someone the other day … WHO HAPPENED TO BE AN AWESOME GIRL GAMER … and we were talking about how devs are trying to dumb down video games to accommodate more casual gameplay and make it mainstream. It’s noticeable … older games seem to have more fulfilling and harder gameplay than the newer ones.
      I’m pretty sure this is what the ABC is trying to do … now with a hardcore gamers show!

      But whatever … at least have the 3 of them on there … just for that perfect mixture, or have her on the children’s one and keep Jung on the regular one.
      Whatever … who cares what they do just DO NOT get rid of Jung!

  • A sad day indeed. I like Bajo, but junglist’s reviews were without a doubt better.

    Hopefully he was changed amicably.

  • I had started to miss an episode of this show here or there. Now, even more so.

    Junglist seemed, more so than Bajo, to know his stuff and was genuinely interested in each game/event he was talking about. Bajo seems to be skewing more towards wacky comic relief which got pretty repetitive. If that’s the goofy style that Good Game will favour from now on – no thanks.

    Jung, if you’re reading this, don’t disappear. Start something of your own. Be it blog/website or something. You seem to have your head screwed on right and God knows, the Australian gaming community/industry needs more of that at the moment.

    • ^^^ Exactly what I think.
      I really found a lot of Bajo’s jokes to be really awkward and forced. If Bajo’s style doesn’t change, then Hex better bring a lot to table outside of gender…
      (Funnily enough, I’m pretty sure I’d take the appointment of Hex as having nothing to do with gender if they didn’t axe who I feel was by far the stronger of the two current hosts)

  • Damn… bit of a surprise too, Jung and Bajo make a good team and I look forward to their banter each week. Ah well, we’ll see what happens now I guess.

  • They had to axe one of the guys otherwise they cant fit a super edgy girl gamer, THATS RIGHT FRIEND, A GIRL GAMER! Shes into everything you’re into, do you like the show yet? How about we make her do some skits in a short skirt and tell you the cake is a lie, will you watch now YOU BET YOUR ASS YOU WILL.

    • Junglist IS the only gamer on the show! A pioneer for Pro-gaming Australia. I will not accept this, up with this i WILL NOT put. Its my ABC, DAMMIT!

  • Sorry to see ya go Jung, I did like you as a host…but I do have to say, HEX is a little hottie so my sorrow from your departure will be short lived 😛 You know how hard it is to find hot gaming chicks…any chance on getting on the show ABC, I dont mind getting coffee 😛

  • Junglist pretty much made GG for me. The other guy being a complete clown was tolerable because he had a quality host like Jung picking up the slack.

    Does he have a blog or something else we can keep an eye out for?

  • Jung was the man to give a non-goofed version and more serious approach to reviews over Bajo, when Bajo takes it too far.

    But this new chick. Going by her BookFace profiles looks freaking hot. And if you get rid of Jung. At least replace it with some TITTIES. I want cleavage, and I want lots of it!!!

  • Junglist was a champ. I loved his work. He is true old school gamer. I reakon he will do well in whatever he does.

    That said Good Game is strong not only because of the hosts but because of the people behind the scenes. I fully support this show and they can expect me tuning in each Ep. We as Aussie gamers need to support the show as best as we can.

    To the new Girl.. Best of luck mate. Its a fantastic team you are working with and I am sure everyone will love ya.

    You seem like a true female gamer and lets face it. Thats all sorts of awesome.

    Keep the passion for the games and the rest will follow.

  • TO be fair her Audition tape is incredibly good. ABC would’ve been stupid not to give her a job, it’s just a pity it’s at the expense of Jungs.

    Jung needs to get his OWN hot and sassy sidekick and start a video game podcast or something.

  • “Jung and Bajo make a good team and I look forward to their banter each week.” What he said.

    The MAIN reason I watch the show is for the laughs. Without that I doubt I would continue as Good Games review scoring is infuriatingly erratic.

  • I don’t care how hot she is, one of my favourite shows on Australian Television is ruined. 🙁

    I’m going to give the show one more chance.

    god i hate this!!!

  • Sorry to see Jung go. 🙁 Originally he wasn’t even supposed to be on the show, I think he had a gig working on the background production, perhaps thats where his heart lies? Either way, it will be sad not to hear those two gaffing about each monday. Best of luck Jung, and to the new girl (whom I hope has something other than good looks to offer)

  • Just come clean and tell the fans the reasons for him leaving.
    Or we’ll boycott or do some other crap.
    We’re nerds.
    We rule the Internet.
    Fear us.

  • I thought this was exactly what we paid the ABC not to do. They’ve taken a great show and kicked off the “hardcore” gamer because he represents a minority of the population. Must be great to be the new host – “Uuuhhh yeah we’ve got this really great show that totally caters to hardcore gamers but we’re going to screw that and bring you in so we can pull more views because you have breasts.”

  • Wont be Good Game without Junglist. The new show should should be called “Average Game”
    no offence Bajo !

  • junglist = ftw
    bajo = sidekick
    Hex = lets get a good looking chick in to boost our ratings amognst our teenage boy target audience and unintentionally loose our credibility.

    I do hope Junglist choose to leave and wasn’t sacked as that would be such a shame.

    good luck Junglist

  • Looks like they’ve gone the I’m an attractive female who plays games! Aren’t I special, tune in a drool over me guys ploy for more viewers.

    • Is it really necessary to make the generalisation that a female reviewer can’t be credible? I’m not saying that all of them are, in the same way that not all guys know what they’re talking about. But come on – gender has so little to do with how well someone can critique a game. If a girl sucks at reviewing it’s not because she’s a girl; it’s because she’s a bad reviewer.

      • i’m happy to wait and see, but Hex’ history doesn’t look like she’s a gamer’s gamer like Jungie. I guess we’re all bummed that Jung is out because he’s a bro, it would have been better to lose Bajo because he’s casual.

        • There’s nothing wrong with being bummed about Jungy being gone – I think it sucks too. And I don’t know Hex or her background in gaming. My comment was in reference to what plmko said, which was a general sexist remark that is offensive to all female reviewers.

  • To the Kotaku dudes that be: You would be INSANE not to pick up Jung to do some opinion writing. That chap has mad gaming chops.

  • Sad to see Junglist go, Hope to see him return in the future.
    Not looking forward to seeing how this effects the show. Jung and Bajo had a good dynamic, and that made the show worth watching. If that sort of bounce isn’t there with the continuing series, it’ll be as bad as the Game Damage Pilot… and probably the earlier GG episodes, i think i missed the first season or two.

  • Hasn’t it occurred to anyone that we’re judging someone about doing something that hasn’t even happened yet?

    What is this? The World of Warcraft forums? Reminds me a lot of it with the whole ‘Blizzard announces change X to the game, then as if on cue 1000s of idiots jumping up and down screaming that it’ll be the end of the game, that it’s terrible and/or makes things too easy. That is, all before anyone’s actually experienced said change first hand.

    Jokes about girls on the internet aside, I’m sure Steph will fit in and bring something different to the show (that won’t necessarily be bad). Happy to be proven wrong if it turns out otherwise, but at least give her a chance & cut out the misogynistic bullshit, ‘k?

    • I’m going to have to +1 this. I’m not looking to pre-judge the new show before I’ve seen it.

      I just can’t believe the ABC did what they did (and the producer let it happen – although I suspect she had no choice).

      The one brief time I met him, Jung was an incredibly nice bloke that went out of his way to be polite. I’m sure he’ll land on his feet but it’s a pretty big dick move by the ABC.

  • Looks like a pair of boobs and a pretty face win out over talent again.

    Judging from her myspace page, I’m assuming that those are the ‘assets’ that got her to replace Jung.

    I was a big fan of GG, i didn’t like Kapowski that much, but the Jung/Bajo rhythm was really great. I really don’t see how this is going to work, especially with it happening so suddenly.

    I will give this new girl one week to do something very impressive, otherwise i’m tuning out on this one

    Such a shame aswell, GG was always one of my favourite aspects of being Australian

  • Very sad to see Junglist go, as well as the way ABC have treated him. Poor effort, I hope the people that kicked him aside in such a poor fashion get the same done to themselves.

  • I believe this is known as a ‘dick move’, ABC.

    Jung had a nice balance of gaming opinion with Bajo, who tended to like different genres. From what I’ve read, things didn’t end amicably between Jung and his employers – I wonder what happened?

    Dammit, the show just doesn’t have as much appeal for me anymore. I didn’t realise how much I was going to miss that ridiculous accent every Monday night. 🙁

  • Admit it! biggest show on a small channel. Can’t risk someone offering them a real budget, so flip’m faster than the playschool crowd. We aint naughty kids who need a babysitter. WE WANT JUNG.

  • Hmm, interesting. I do hope they chose her as Jung’s replacement because she actually knows her stuff and is a genuine gamer. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  • This is very dissapointing indeed, Jung was the perfect offset to bajos extreme geekiness, I’m going to miss his arnie voices “COHAGEN” “Get these people some air”.

    I enjoyed the current affair segments with Rei (had nothing to do with her being super cute 🙂 )

    That trailer for game damage looks great, I love yahtzee’s review style and have for the most part agree’d with his scores.

    Best of luck in the future for jung & Rei.

  • this is total crap! Jung is a huge part of the show! I value his opinion the most, most of the time. Bajo is good aswell and i wouldnt wanna see him go either. but to replace him with a chick?? FFS are they serious?! get a grip abc. you guys suck ass!
    in all honesty this show will now die a horrible death very soon. i know i wont bother watching… unless she is super hot and wears nothing more that a bikini with the occasional nip slip thrown in for good measure and of course ratings.
    RIP Good game. its been nice knowing you 🙁
    very sad day for aussie gamers!

  • This saddens me a little, i liked them both as they both had that ‘opposite enough’ feeling that balanced it out nicely. If the new presenter is as whacky and over the top as Bajo, it will actually be quite annoying to watch.

    Guess we will have to wait and see… surprising move though!

  • Originally when Kapowski left and Bajo filled his place I was a bit iffy on weather or not I wanted to continue watching Good Game as I found Bajo to be a rather un-interesting character; trying too hard to be humorous and failing dismally. But I kept coming back for more as I saw Jungalist as being the shows saving grace and reason enough to actually watch the TV every once in a week, but with both the original hosts gone and the only reason I had to keep watching… I highly doubt i’ll be watching this anymore.

  • I’m sure “Hex” will be fine. But what I’m wondering is: why couldn’t they have just created a three-way hosting format? If they thought that three hosts in one room would be overkill, perhaps they could have assigned them different roles: maybe make one of them a “reporter” and the other two reviewers.

  • As a female gamer myself, this girl better know her stuff and not be a token hot chick to lure unsuspecting teenage boys into watching the show or I’m going to be offended.
    That said, if it was Bajo and not Junglist gone, I wouldn’t bother watching the show ever again.

  • Hey has anyone taken a moment to consider the only females they have on this show have to be pretty attractive?
    Isn’t that in itself misogynistic?
    I sure know that the majority of faithful gamers are not unattractive but they usually aren’t hot either.

  • Just watched the show and it was awful without Junglist. Its obvious they replaced him because of “political correctness”, so I’ll be boycotting Good Game and bad mouthing it everywhere from now on.

  • Talk about dumbing down the show! Wow.. let’s trade a keep-it-real gamer with a ditzy blonde. It took me a while to get used to ditzy bajo let alone this noob. Why mess with a good thing ABC? First SBS loses Top Gear to nine.. now this!?!!??! I’m going back to my Family Guy re-runs! 😉

  • Well just saw the “new” format myself..

    Took a while to get used to but I do think Hex did quite well for herself for a first show. I mean not only does she have to fill in for a spot on perhaps the ONLY decent games related show in au but also having to put up w/ all the general “backlash” from Jung going (just scroll through the comments + the GG forums =P)

    That being said I did see a bit awkwardness… I credit this to the fact that it IS a new match up and obviously the chemistry between Bajo and Hex isn’t going to be the same as the chemistry of Bajo and Jung. Hopefully they’ll get into a more “natural” grove within the next few eps or so =3

  • It’s a shame as I and many of my friends found him to be a better host than Bajo. That said I wouldn’t want them to remove Bajo for that chick either. Are their couches not big enough for 3? She had better actually be a good host, otherwise it will become quite apparent that she’s only there to titillate the viewers, which I find quite stupid.

    Bring her in by all means, but give Jungi his seat back. He’s like the dad of the show to me, can’t leave it to the kids.

    Anyway, no girl gamer will ever be as hot/cool as Jessica Chobot from IGN. Break my heart if it turned out she was just an actress and didn’t even know what that ocarina is she’s playing. Hope the missus doesn’t read that 😉

  • The show had just barely become almost watchable, ie, not like the Bigpond gaming forums in TV form. I don’t watch it anymore, well, I have a stockpile of tivoed episodes, but I prefer to watch a guy eat bugs and drink his own pee on SBS. I hoped the other guy got the sack. I like Junglist, and liked him for years on the interwebs, in a manly kinda way. He has been gaming at least as long as me and knows his stuff. I hate Rei too, mainly because she has all the charisma of a cardboard box and her stories are as interesting as an emtpy one.

    I don’t think 50% of hardcore gamers are women, judging by the mix at lan meets/cafes. I guess 10% of two would be kinda messy in people form.

    I don’t like girl gamers, they want to use my consoles and PC all the time, and want to move in when they see my setup. I prefer my girlfriends to be into reading, watching Greys Anatomy and (Snip! – Ed.). I never got over dating that chick that could kick my ass at Mariokart and Goldeneye;)

  • Fail!
    Bago and Junglist worked really well, it was balanced. Its a sad day and if the most recent ep. is any indication of the quality to come, count me out. We don’t need two silly skit presenters.

  • HOORAY!! I find this great news. Jung has been very opinionated this year and not open to much debate. So, later Junglist don’t let to door hit your arse on the way out bud.

  • If I wanted to watch a ‘fat – no talent – actress – wanna-be’ i’d go hire a renee zellweger DVD.

    I watched the show for the ‘gamers’ reviewing ‘games’, not some overweight underage fap dream girl, to read an auto-queue.

    The inclusion of this moby-dick has ruined the show.

    Junlist – you will always be my Ishmael

    I have my susspissions that Hex has paid somebody to remove Junglist and clame his throne! HEX WILL PAY FOR THIS! AND SO WILL THE ABC!
    As R4L, I am giving Hex 0 rubber chickens out of ten. deffenently some one not to hire as a host! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR! STUPID MISTAKE!

    Lets ask ourself a question, WHAT THE HELL DID THEY DO THAT FOR?
    The show was just perfect with Junglist and Bajo as a team and with there humor, they were what made the show! For example, if we replaced the good game hosts with the hosts from the At The Movies show, NO ONE WOULD WATCH IT! we needed Junglist and Bajo together to keep the show ineresting and funny. We dont just watch the show for game reviews, we also watch it to see what Junglist and Bajo get up to because there is always a laugh to have while they review games. who would trust a girl like her to rate our games anyway, she is a complete noob! It makes me feal sorry for Bajo that he has to sit next to that boring stupid noob.
    We need to take action, more then just pertitions in face book if we want to save junglist and the show!
    We need to take it up to the good game producers!
    They have killed Junglist and the show!
    We need to find Junglist!
    Dont worry Junglist, you well be avenged!

    email me at ryden4legend@gmail.com
    to help give solutions to get back Junglist.
    You can help save him!

  • I was sad to see Jungalist go, but after last nights episode, I thought that Hex was alright. She was a good presenter, had a solid background knowledge of the games and was able to keep up with the banter.

    I would prefer to see Jungalist in the hosting role, but I’ve only seen one of Hex’s episodes, as opposed to years worth of Jung. With time I think she will work out great. It’s just a real shame that Jungalist was shafted.

    Couldn’t we have two video game shows aimed at the 20 something market? 10 is all about the youth, they should poach Jung and get a new show crackin!

  • good game without junglist is like
    -mario with no mushrooms
    -tails with no sonic
    -space with no invaders
    It’s just pong

    Bring back junglist you Nazis!!!!!

  • This is another stupid TV decission and my guess made by by stupid corporate wankers who know nothing about gaming culture and whats good entertainment.
    I bet the new presenter is that chick that pops up in past episodes who’s name escapes me because she is so out of place and uninspiring god help us. SHE SUX. Shes so phony and boring. Junglist and Bajo are buds you can tell and they have great chemistry and yes there corny and sad but there hilarious and AWESOME.

  • This isnt about what gender the new host is peronally I couldnt care less, its about the fact that Junglist and Bajo were a fun and entertaining duo. This is what made the show so popular to even non-hardcore gamers with over 800000 downlaods a year.

  • Junglist and Bajo were a really good, comic double act. Keep them together. The new host is a dolly bird, so presumably she’s meant to appeal to the male geek brigade. But I reckon they’ve just destroyed a really good program. Bring back Junglist.

  • I don’t get it!? I know this sounds predjudice, but the girl replacing Jung looks like she would be more confortable strutting down a catwalk and out partying with jocks. Not at home with the nerdy young men who make up the majority of the games consumer industry..I dont think she has a clue what she is doing on the show and quite frankly I know a handful of males including myself that would tear off an arm to be paid to do that show! She just doesnt fit in…bring back Junglist!!!

  • I love the new Good Game! Bajo and Hex are a great team with stellar comedic chemistry. Big fan of them both. I watched the old Good Game for the games but now I watch primarily for the entertainment value. I especially like SP.

    I always found Junglist tried too hard to be a stereotypical gritty hardcore gamer. He might be fun outside of his job but he was positively depressing on air. Your talking GAMES, Junglist! Cheer up!

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