King Of Fighters XII Gets Aussie Collectors Edition

KOF_PS3Few genres lend themselves so well to spawning figures and toys as the fighting game. So it's no shock to see that's what you're getting in this King Of Fighters XII collectors edition.

Aussie distributor All Interactive Entertainment has announced a collectors edition for SNK's King Of Fighters XII, the just-released 2D fighting game. The apparently very limited edition comes with two 15cm high figurines of KOF character Kyo and Terry, along with a uniquely numbered certificate of authenticity.

You can get either the PS3 or Xbox 360 collectors edition for $119.95 RRP at JB Hi-Fi and EB Games.



    If only the game wasn't so bad, i'd be all over this by now :(

    Uh... I saw like 5 of these in JB Hi-Fi over a week ago...

    I saw this sitting in store last week XD

    Yeah, these have been out since last week, and GAME have them too.

    Didnt E3 still vote it a better fighting game than Tekken 6? haha

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