Korean Internet Person Redesigns Super Street Fighter IV's Juri

Everyone isn't happy with the character design for Super Street Fighter IV's Juri. Whether it be the eyes, the breasts or the outfit, some folks on the Korean internet think Capcom got the character design all wrong. Or did it?

Fan made character design to the rescue! A post on South Korean site ThisIsGame.com has a re-worked Juri — an abnormally high quality one for a character that was just revealed. But that doesn't necessarily mean, the tweaked design is better.

"Based on your opinions I removed the double pony tails, made the eyes less sharp, and added TaeKwonDo uniform," the ThisIsGame.com post reads. "This certainly is Koreanisque, but it is too plain; I think it is actually bad for a game character's rendering."

Agree? Disagree? Fight!

한국식 주리를 만들어봤습니다 [ThisIsGame Thanks YJ!]


    Yeah I think capcoms makes her look a bit addams family, but I don't think she should be an emo in a kaekwondo suit either.

    oh that reminds me of makoto. she felt different ot the other characters i hope they add her in.

    they should just leave her as is. she's fine. the new redesign is just a step below. at least her original look was more unique.

    Hasn't fighting games always been a bit left of centre?

    I'm sure Zangief isn't representative of all Russians.

    Besides, Koreans are known for being squinty-eyed. Why else would so many of them get eye surgery to make their eyes appear bigger?

    Well, at least it's not like Tekken, where we in Oz don't even have a human representative. We got a boxing kangaroo ...

      isnt marduk aussie?

      Koreans aren't known for being squinty eyed; it seems you never been to Korea at all, and are going by hear-say. I know many Koreans who've never had eye surgery, and their eyes aren't squinty at all.

      What a terrible generalization, based only on hearsay.

      I'm sure you wouldn't be happy if I said Aussies are known for having the clap, since Australia has the highest chlamydia rate. See what I just did?

    Too plain? As opposed to Ryu, Ken, Dan and lord only knows how many other Street Fighters in Gis that have popped up in the various games.

    Yeah, it was a terrible generalisation, but Korea and Japan have huge industries in cosmetic eye surgery in order to make people's (usually women's) eyes appear more "western".

    Also, your analogy is a poor one.

    My analogy was extremely ridiculous and poor; that was the point! A generalization is bad regardless of how true it may be or not.

    Cosmetic surgery is indeed big in Japan and Korea, as well as throughout most of developed Asian nations, but when people elect to do eye surgery, the majority is to create the double eyelid, which is considered to be more pleasing to the eye (no pun intended.) They aren't all trying to have "western eyes"; that's a pretty poor understanding of Asian culture, thinking they all want to look more western.

    I've heard that argument for years; caucasian features are not sought out by the majority of the population, as most caucasian features are not deemed as beautiful in Asian culture (don't even get me started on the anime/game argument: characters have big eyes, different hair color, so they want to be caucasian...etc...) By the way western does not = caucasian, but I'm guessing that's what you meant by "western."

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