Kotaku Originals: Post-Nuptial Agreements

If it's Saturday morning in October here, that means, what, it's a Tuesday evening in March for Australia? I kid, I keeeeed! But it's definitely past the magic hour when Luke and his bride have said "I do."

Yes, Mr. Plunkett, Kotaku's editor for Oceania, got hitched today, and congrats and best wishes to him and his bride and to their families, and for their new lives together. Luke tying the knot was easily the biggest of big news for Kotakopolis this week, no mean feet considering the PSPgo launched and the team returned from Japan with a cartload of TGS09 copy.

So, like a big wedge of wedding cake that we're lovingly smushing into your face, as the DJ cues up the Chicken Dance, here's the week that was in Kotaku Originals.

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    Congrats Luke. I also will be joined Legal Matrimony(or however you spell it) next Saturday. Hope the weather was ok for you guys. Have fun and lots of Luck.


    Congrats on the marriage, you can't be happy all your life :)

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