L4D2 Infected Gameplay — This Is How I Spent Last Night

For those of you wondering what I was talking about with generator-camping — that's exactly what's going on in this clip.

The level is set in an abandoned motel and the generator is in the drained pool at the centre of the complex. Now these Infected are mostly just mobbing the back right hand side of the pool where the ammo and health items are. But at about the 26-second mark, you can see green acid and fire just covering the generator area while some poor sap gets hauled off by a Smoker.

See? Generator-camping!


    Normally, I'd say suck it up and bait them to spawn, because that how you solve camping issues in L4D.

    But the fact that there is a clocking ticking against you, I can see how camping is bad.

    Scavenge mode sounds crap btw.

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