Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" Comes To Rock Band In South Park

Last night's episode of South Park (in the US) featuring the boys playing Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" in Rock Band once again proves that every song is better when Eric Cartman sings it.

The Japanese are ruthlessly slaughtering whales and dolphins, and only Stan Marsh can stop them, not that his friends give a damn. They're too busy rocking out to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" in Rock Band to care about what happens to the dolphins. "Poker Face" isn't actually a Rock Band song at the moment, but after watching the clip below I am convinced it needs to be. I mean, I care about dolphins and all, mainly because they add a little extra oomph to my tuna fish sandwiches, but playing Rock Band is much more entertaining.


    I would like to see this released as a track pack.

    1. The original song by Lady Gaga
    2. The Eric Cartman Version
    3. The Faith No More version (it was played as an intro for Chinese Arithmetic at Download 2009)

    Naturally include the rest of Chinese Arithmetic. I'd buy this mainly for the Cartman and FNM versions.

      Hell yeah!

    dude that sh&* was funny as hell haha

    dudes, tell your web designer/developer to add 5 minutes to the refresh timer. My 512 'broadband' cant load the vid before the page refreshes!

    Yeah whats with Kotaku always refreshing every few minutes.

    ANYWAY - that was HILARIOUS! They just keep getting better. The ending is the BEST!

    i thought it was just me :(
    gizmodo does the same thing as well, it can be very irritating, especially loading a vid.

    South park is the best show on tv. Poker face was great.

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