LAN Planner: Trick Or Treat Yourself To Some Gaming

If you're in Sydney on Halloween and feel like some gaming, why not head down to LANoWEEN. Yes. Do you see what they did there?

It's held by the Sydney Overclockers Gaming Community and takes place at the Mosman RSL Club in, well, Mosman. It's $30 to get in (free soft drinks!) and runs from 10am - 10pm, October 31.

Games scheduled for play include:

Street Fighter IV Rocket Riot Gears of War 2 Left 4 Dead Quake III: Arena Flatout 2 Dirt 2 Team Fortress 2 Guitar Hero

And possibly Dance Dance Revolution. Check here for more info and get on down there and support your local LAN event.

[Thanks Russ!]


    is this a retarded question but;

    is it for xbox?

      nevermnd, i looked at some photos. you can delete oh great god of kotaku moderation

    We do have XBOX based competitions and gaming as well (Dirt 2, Borderlands and so forth)

    There will be a few Xbox consoles setup for GoW2 and GH.

    Wow, no Call of Duty? =(

      There will be a CoD4 dedicated server on the day - it wasn't included in the main post.

      There'll also be a CoD4 comp on the day with some substantial prizes. If you and at least two other mates can form a team, you can go up against other teams on the day and score some free stuff ;)

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