Lead And Gold Looks Solid In Motion

Swedish developer Fatshark's Lead And Gold: Gangs of the Wild West may look like a dusty retro retake on Battlefield or Team Fortress, but...that might be why we like the look of it so much.

With a smaller class count—there are just four "archetypes," the Blaster, Deputy, Gunslinger and Trapper—Lead And Gold may look simpler, but the levelling system and complementary skill sets of each class may offer more depth than a first glance might suggest. Plus, it looks keen, with red versus blue teams on an appropriately brown backdrop.

The team based, third-person multiplayer shooter is planned for the PC and digital download release on unspecified "consoles"—your best guesses here are probably right—and due sometime this winter. The debut trailer helps to explain this whole thing a lot better.

Lead And Gold [Official Site]


    Wow, Im there

    I second that! ^^

    Looks like one the best things to come from XBLA this year.. well *hopefully* this year!!!!

    Lets just hope MS don't jack the price up and make it 1200+ points.

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